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RIP: Paul Splittorff

Mac the Knife

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For a second, I thought it said "Paul Orndorff".

That's sad. I liked Splitorff. That's '80 Royals team was fun to watch.

One of the few starting pitchers who could rock the glasses.

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I loved to watch him and Dennis Leonard pitch. Split, as he was known to fans, it would look like he was squinting through his glasses when he took signs from the catcher. He didn't have great stuff, but he had good command over his pitches. I met him a couple of times at our high school golf functions and the Royals Caravan (they'd go around the midwest on promotion tours) and stop by the radio station I worked at. God Bless Paul Splittorff. He will be missed.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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