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My redwings concepts


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Considering the RedWings will never change unis, I guess this is a fantasy uni.  The logo is a recolored Danville Wings logo.  I think it looks really nice as a Detroit logo.  Also up is a design for Senior Mens A League Team called the Jackson Hole Moose.  I e-mailed the team about my unis but never got a responce. Finally, I also put up my Minnesota Wild 3rd idea. I now have a new website(larger pics) where the jerseys from the first one and new designs can be found.  Enjoy.  Thanks to Snowcap, CC, RC and logoserver and thesle.  Check out the rest of the site, too.

Comments on any design?



Jackson Hole Moose


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Bump.  Oh, by the way, I created that Minn jersey long before that website with the seven Minn alt possiblities came up.  This jersey was actually posted on Snowcaps webpage around the turn of the year.
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