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San Francisco Warriors trolley car


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Nice. It looks like you darkened the gold a little, I like it. I think the Warriors should repaint the court from the sun-bright gold to the blue. Their logo is a nice homage to the yesteryears with a simple (maybe too simple) feel (Not really a fan of the empty circle in the uniforms-rather it be a basketball) but it's not the Warriors without the Blue painted keys on the court - at least in my opinion.

Good logo, but a word advice - Don't call it a Trolley Car - We Northern Californians (Especially those from SF tend to take offense to that) If you in or near the vicinity of "The City" refer to it as a "Cable Car"

I'm from the South Bay so I'm not in tune with SF all that much but when I was young and I said trolley car, I was always corrected by my parents and passers-by.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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