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Lonely Alts: Yankees Generations


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Teams previously seen in the Lonely Alts Generations series:

Cubs - Brewers - Giants - Royals

To be honest, I was going to skip the Yankees, mainly out of spite. However, I figured I may as well get the bastards out of the way. Oddly enough, the two decades I usually try to avoid taking inspiration from, the 50s and 60s, were actually the most ripe for the picking as far as ideas went. I was actually iffiest on the last uniform for a reason that will be apparent when you see it. Anyways, leading off is something for the 1956 campaign...


Second in the order, 1961


Heh, visions of the hat & bat being used like the Braves tomahawk refused to leave me. That and the Yankees could stand to have a script jersey. I gave a New York version of the vest a shot, but I just didn't feel it was working.

Burning up the Bronx, 1977


This here would've commemorated the 50th anniversary of Murderers' Row (the '27 Yankees). I'm not 100% sure why, other than liking how it looks, I have the cuffs the way they are, in all honesty.

Now the one I was iffy about, 2003


...and you can probably take a few guesses why. I guess I picked that particular year to base this off of for the same reason I'm having reservations: because it was so un-Yankeelike. The white script is only because a blank front, while it would've been historically accurate, wouldn't have been much of a concept. Wasn't my first choice, actually, but the N's in both NY logos look horrible by themselves, otherwise I would've based this on their 1903 set.

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Coast: yeh, as I said I more or less decided on it because of its alienness compared to now, but was reconsidering mentally due to who at least the caps and socks would remind damn near everybody of.

Dexter Morgan: somehow, that sentiment doesn't surprise me :hockeysmiley:

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