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Lonely Alts: Rays Generations


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Previous sets in the Lonely Alts: Generations series:

Cubs - Brewers - Giants - Royals - Yankees - Red Sox

Here come the Rays, the mighty D-Rays...

1999 alternate vest


Is anyone else as confused as I was? And here I was thinking dude's last name was Arroyo all this time, not Arrojo.

2007 Tarpons tribute


There's only so much I'm willing to do to, for all intents and purposes, base something off of a Reds jersey. And the only other viable route I could see myself going in here would've essentially been that year's alt or BP with different trim.

2010 Brayser trim


Brayser...the sane version.

2011 full Brayser vest


Yes, the bit about the PR guys should be taken as alt. history. And I did decide to go full Brayser after all.

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AnythingChicago: yeh, I kinda figure it'd be an acquired taste, like vegemite or salmon (myself, I love salmon, as did my grandparents, but at least one of my cousins wouldn't eat any if you paid him).

in general: thanks, and drive home safely.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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