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  1. The LPI Midseason Draft kicks off at 10:00 AM EDT on Monday, and you've got the first of four compensatory selections (due to the departure of Guarín to :censored:ing China). If you will not be able to make a selection from 10-12 Monday, send me your desired selection ASAP. Otherwise, please just remember to PM Dave once you've made your pick. :)

  2. You're up in the WFL Draft buddy

  3. I think PSG is primed to flop considering that most of their players are just past their prime. Di María is their X-factor in my opinion, but there's no reason to believe he'll improve all of a sudden. Shakhtar arent good any more though. Otherwise Id say theres a decent chance of it happening, but theyll get played off the park in Paris.Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but I think that the addition of Eduardo is what will allow Shakhtar to advance. He has a great history of scoring goals and lots of them.
  4. I think PSG is primed to flop considering that most of their players are just past their prime. Di María is their X-factor in my opinion, but there's no reason to believe he'll improve all of a sudden.
  5. Predictions? Sure! Group A 1. Real Madrid CF 2. FC Shakhtar Donetsk 3. Paris Saint-Germain FC 4. Malmö FF Group B 1. Manchester United FC 2. PFC CSKA Moscow 3. VfL Wolfsburg 4. PSV Eindhoven Group C 1. Atlético de Madrid 2. Galatasaray SK 3. SL Benfica 4. FC Astana Group D 1. Sevilla FC 2. Manchester City FC 3. Borussia Mönchengladbach 4. Juventus FC Group E 1. FC Barcelona 2. Bayer 04 Leverkusen 3. AS Roma 4. FC BATE Borisov Group F 1. FC Bayern München 2. Arsenal FC 3. Olympiacos FC 4. GNK Dinamo Zagreb Group G 1. FC Porto 2. Chelsea FC 3. FC Dynamo Kyiv 4. Maccabi Tel Aviv FC Group H 1. Olympique Lyonnais 2. Valencia CF 3. Zenit Saint Petersburg 4. KAA Gent
  6. Price, Verlander, Simon, Sanchez. Not a terrible playoff rotation, plus they could have traded some excess bats for another starter and definitely some bullpen help; there were plenty of quality arms available at this year's deadline for relatively cheap.
  7. This Tigers team's hitting is absolutely devastating. They never fail to crush mistake pitches, and there have been several "pitcher's pitches" that they have put good wood on as well. These guys just flat out hit. Now, I understand that the Tigers have scuffled this season and that Cabrera was hurt for awhile there, but watching this team hit, I think I now understand why Dombrowski was let go. I'll bet ownership knew that this club could definitely make a playoff push despite their lower-than-expected record given their offense and the fact that the AL Wild Cards are essentially up for grabs. I'm guessing that ownership would have rather seen Detroit pick up some bullpen help and maybe another starter, but Dombrowski, the great GM that he is, knew that he could get a disgusting return from Toronto for Price, a load that wasn't worth renting him for just a few months, and smartly he made a great deal (which is easy for me to say as a Cubs fan watching Daniel Norris demolish the Cubs with his big left arm and his ing bat right now). So ownership wanted Detroit to go for it because with their offense and some bullpen help, they easily could have grabbed a wild card, gotten hot in the playoffs, and made a deep run. But Dombrowski kinda did the franchise a favor by working some fantastic deals that replenished a farm system that desperately needed to be replenished, but in doing so began a rebuilding process of sorts and went against ownership's interests and lost his job because he was on an entirely different page than ownership. Tigers fans, am I far off here with my observations?
  8. Exact repeat of last season's debut against Leicester, wasn't it? That said, I think this Watford side is going to be one of the EPL's surprises this season. They carry over a deadly attack from last season's Championship squad, and they did a marvelous job bringing in a multitude of under-the-radar transfers.
  9. NFL-style MLB Realignment (playoff format would mat h that of NFL with Wild Card Round consisting of five-game series and all other series consisting of seven games) American League East Baltimore Orioles Cleveland Indians New York Yankees Raleigh/Durham (formerly Tampa Bay Rays) North Boston Red Sox Detroit Tigers Montreal Expos (expansion) Toronto Blue Jays South Chicago White Sox Houston Astros Kansas City Royals Texas Rangers West Las Vegas (expansion) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Sacramento Athletics (formerly of Oakland) Seattle Mariners National League East New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies Pittsburgh Pirates Washington Nationals North Chicago Cubs Colorado Rockies Milwaukee Brewers Minnesota Twins South Atlanta Braves Cincinnati Reds Miami Marlins St. Louis Cardinals West Arizona Diamondbacks Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants Here's a handy (albeit crudely drawn) map so you can see that despite some weird divisions -- such as St. Louis and the White Sox both being aligned in the South -- this actually makes a hell of a lot more since geographically than the NFL's current divisional alignment.
  10. I was at that game donning a Cubs hat, monitoring the out-of-town scoreboard, and vehemently rooting against the Giants. It was incredible. And with that breathtaking Braves win and the Cubs-Pirates rainout, the Cubs have leapfrogged San Fran for WC2 once again. Nonetheless, this week is going to be a serious gut check for this Cubs team; I'm looking forward to the remaining games in Pittsburgh and especially the series with the Giants.
  11. IIRC, he was at the Cubs-Marlins game either today or yesterday. He was also at the Cubs-Reds game in Wrigley when they played on Sunday Night Baseball a few weeks back; I'm pretty sure he goes to nearly every Sunday Night Baseball game played when the Marlins aren't at home. That son of a gun sure does get around....
  12. Bumgarner doesn't have a good history at Nationals Park; I remember going to a Nats-Giants game a year or two back and he got lit up with plenty of long balls in that game too. We started calling him Bomb-garner that game. Heh.
  13. The Cubs just continue to consistently win ballgames. I've been adamant all year that this a transition year and next season the Cubs should be a legitimate World Series contender if not a favorite (à la KC Royals 2013 and 2014). But, man, with the way that Maddon masterfully manages this team, if they picked up an extra arm and a bat at the deadline, they could be a force to be reckoned with come October. Now, I'd be much more optimistic if the Cubs were in the NL East (or West, or, hell, any other division in baseball) since the Cubs (the team with the 5th best record in baseball as I type this) play in the same division as the Cardinals and Pirates (the teams with the 1st and 3rd best records in baseball, respectively, as I type this). Since St. Louis will inevitably Cardinal Way their way to the division title once again, the Cubs will probably have to play in a Wild Card game against a team such as Pittsburgh, or maybe the Giants or Dodgers (that is assuming they continue playing winning baseball and actually make the playoffs). And from there it's really a crapshoot; we've seen teams like last year's Giants and Royals advance to the World Series after winning that game, but then again we've seen teams like last year's A's have the best record in baseball for a good chunk of the season only to lose a back-and-forth, down-to-the-wire slugfest in that game. But I mean, hey, this has been a fun, refreshing season thus far for my Cubs. Whatever happens this year, I'll still retain my belief that next year will see these Cubs in their absolute prime, so I guess I'm glad to say I'm just along for the ride.
  14. At FirstEnergy Stadium, the Chicago Bears blank the Cleveland Browns 17-0. Bears QB Tsuyoshi Wada threw 2 TD passes to WR Dexter Fowler and Kris Bryant kicked a fourth quarter FG for good measure. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  15. You'd have to be incredibly naïve to believe that the Cardinals, a franchise that prides itself on a "Cardinal Way" of winning baseball games by finding under-the-radar players who simply work harder than the rest and play the game in a fundamentally sound manner, would hack into the database of a team that is known for its superior research into players, both at collegiate/high school and professional levels, with no intention of gaining any strategic advantage whatsoever, solely because they wanted to act on a gripe they had with the team's GM. And is it simply a result of the Cardinals' infallible and unmatched genius that they're having a substantially better regular season in 2015 than they did in 2014? Yeah, I don't think so.