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Nordiques question


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So, I've been looking at old Nordiques photos and had a question. Did they switch to a different shade of blue at some point? On NHLuniforms.com, it doesn't indicate that that's the case. However, looking through different photos it seems like they went to a lighter blue at some point.

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As far as their NHL existence goes, yes - they used the same Blue for their time in the NHL. However, they used a different Blue for their WHA time; I'm not sure when the actual change took place.

QuebecNordiquesBlue_1979_SCC_SRGB.png <---> QuebecNordiquesBlue_1995_SCC_SRGB.png

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I am 99% sure the powder blue was used until the end of 1974-75 (WHA) (it may be 1973-74, I am not sure).

They used a navy blue sweater in 75-76 (WHA) and then switched to the "NHL" blue in 1976-77 with the fleur de lys sweater.


Interesting. Looks like I may need to make some corrections to my database.

Thanks for the info.

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