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Rochester Red Wings Uni Concept


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Below is my uniform concept for my hometown team, the Rochester Red Wings. The Red Wings are the Twins' AAA affiliate. As you can see, my concept brings the Wings back to their roots, going back to a red and dark navy color scheme and utilizing traditional elements such as the striped socks, vertically arched road word mark, etc. It also utilizes various graphical elements from the team's past, as described below.

For reference purposes, photos of the Wings current uniforms can be found here: HOME, ROAD, BP, ALTERNATE

Although the Red Wings used red and dark navy as their primary colors from 1928-1981, in 1985 the Wings' changed from navy to black as their accent color, perhaps to better match their parent club at the time, the Orioles. Their current color scheme (since 1997) is red, black and yellow. The hat logo is the "ball and wings" logo that they've been using as a secondary logo since 2001 (larger version here). The BP hat in my concept utilizes the "FC" logo that the Wings used from 2003-2006 (larger version here). Rochester's nickname is the "Flower City", and the "FC" logo is a nod to the Twins' "TC" logo. The script "R" that I used in the "Red Wings" word mark and on the alternate cap and BP jersey is the same "R" that the team currently uses as a secondary logo. It was first introduced in 1987 and used as the team's primary cap logo through 1996. It was brought back for an alternate cap in 2010. Although it was used on the Wings caps and BP jerseys in the late '80s and early '90s, it was never actually used within the "Red Wings" script as I've done in my concept.

The script "Red Wings" lettering is my own creation and is a combination of 2 fonts. It is reminiscent of the script the Wings used on their home and road uniforms from 1946-1969.

I'd appreciate any feedback you might have. Enjoy!


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I think it looks great as a whole. The only two minor critiqes I have for you are as follows:

1) You only use yellow in the cap logo... it feels really out of place. You could either add yellow elsewhere or remove it from the logo... I'd do the latter, as the jerseys should probably be left alone. Don't mess with success, etc etc.

2) The 'W' in the Red Wings script might need its leading curl shortened up a bit. It looks fine, but because of where it's being applied, it might be wiser to shorten it so it doesn't cross the lapel if it doesn't need to. It'd let you pull the 'Red' in a little closer to the 'Wings', too, which couldn't hurt.

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Such a SMALL SMALL world!

In that batting practice jersey photo that you linked to, I am in the photo, the guy on the left side of the image wearing the BP jersey. I have been the team photographer with the Red Wings for the past two summers and I'll have to agree with you. Their current jerseys are pretty much meh at this point.

However, the concepts that you posted are just absolutely fantastic! However, there could be a few little tweaks here and there. Maybe a solid navy blue hat? And I would LOVE to use the FC hats a their full time home caps, just like their "parent' team does with the TC. The "wings" hat should be for BP and alternate.

And the same as the guy said about the W. Make it a little "shorter" or "narrower"

And if you want to check out my photos, you can go to www.dylanheuer.com

There's a bunch of Red Wings photos there. However you'll have to go a while back since I've updated it with other photos from school work and personal projects and whatnot.

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RoughRiders9, you're right, what a small world! I PM'd you.

Griffinmarlins, thanks for the feedback. While I agree, it might be interesting with yellow outlines, I think for the purposes of this concept, things are better when kept simple. One of my overriding goals was to get back to the Wings' roots and I think the navy/red color scheme does this nicely.

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