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CAA Basketball


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Now that college basketball is among us, I figured I'd start doing some concepts.

Starting off the potential series of the Colonial Athletic Conference with the Dukes of James Madison University:

Kept it pretty simple, not too much going on. The side panels and numbers have a pattern that mimics bluestone masonry, which is a big staple item in their campus history.

I decided to keep the Duke Dog logo off the uniforms, since their basketball identity is more focused around the block "JMU" and "M" logo.

C&C Appreciated


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Dude that template is sick! Is it by any chance that it is on a .SVG download already? :notworthy:

Thanks, I made it, so there isn't an SVG but I'll convert it for you. PM me your email.

Also, what do you guys think I could add on the shorts? Maybe I could just continue the striping along the bottom, or make it wider? Would it better to move the M to the knee area?

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