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DAHOF baseball uniform templates


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Over the last couple of months, I have been teaching myself the photoshop techniques required to build interesting baseball uniform templates.

I shared my early development process here, and received some great feedback inspiring me to keep working to improve.

I’ve now created several different uniform templates and yesterday decided to make them available for download.

I’d love to get more feedback and see some concepts using one or more of these templates. Thanks in advance.


1) DAHOF Hat template: I created this simple hat template last year using a 1962 Chicago Cubs program as a guide. Very easy to use. DOWNLOAD HERE


2) DAHOF running player template: You may have seen this before. It is the first "action" uniform template I attempted.DOWNLOAD HERE


3) DAHOF defensive player template: This template is based on a picture I shot this summer of Royals prospect Mike Moustakas. DOWNLOAD HERE


4) DAHOF batting player template: I looked through hundreds of batter pictures before I selected an image I took of of Josh Hamilton. DOWNLOAD HERE


5) DAHOF standing player template: I just completed this more traditional baseball uniform template over the weekend. DOWNLOAD HERE


6) DAHOF turn-two template: I've showed off this template a couple of times. It too is based on a 1979 Chicago Cubs scorecard. The design style is much more simplistic than the action templates above. DOWNLOAD HERE

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