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    Advocating the return of athletic wear to baseball, such as v-neck pullover jerseys! Proponent of the Ultimate Baseball Look!
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  1. It's all Michael Sam's fault. Too much of a distraction.
  2. So the guy who apparently fathered half the state of Minnesota has been indicted for child abuse. Seems about right. You have one hell of a league Goodell.
  3. Since the U.S. Open is wrapping up tomorrow, what exactly goes on here the other 50 weeks of the year?
  4. Jack White and Eddie Vedder in Seattle last week, with Paul Simon.
  5. I am pretty sure the renovations from a few years back got rid of the baseball configuration, but a member from that area can confirm it for sure.I think the seats can still be retracted and sliding pits installed, I think the only obstacle would be the scoreboard.
  6. Rodman wore #91 with the Bulls because his previous number with the Pistons and Spurs #10, had just been retired by the Bulls for Bob Love. 9+1= 10.
  7. Bulls lose to the Pistons in 1990. Magic Johnson's 1991 retirement and HIV announcement. Michael Jordan's 1st retirement 1993. Bulls blow lead in Game 6 of 1995 series vs Magic. Mariners lose to Cleveland in 1995 ALCS. Randy Johnson's 1998 trade to Houston. Ken Griffey Jr.'s 2000 trade to the Reds/November 1999 trade demand. Dave Niehaus's 2010 passing.
  8. They're supposed to resemble 80s Blue Jays jerseys. No number on front.
  9. From the Baseball Fever user 'DeltaBoy' B.C. Place in 1983. I never saw it from this angle. With the scoreboard, I wonder if it's able to host baseball anymore.
  10. AT&T Park. In a world where there is a AT&T Center (NBA) and AT&T Stadium, (NFL) it's important to note the distinction.
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