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  1. There were rumors that if the Angels moved to the City of Industry or someplace that the A's could move to Anaheim. Those rumors had no teeth however.
  2. And the fact that they beat my favorite college (University of Michigan) in those garbage uniforms really pours salt on the wound.As if Michigan would have been any better.
  3. Typical Mariners. Laying an egg instead of taken advantage of the losses by the Royals and Athletics. Lame.
  4. Isn't this thread about a sport that could hypothetically surpass the NFL? If so, why is lacrosse being discussed? Are you talking about 200 years in the future?
  5. Phillies beat the A's and the Mariners enter their game against the Astros tied for the 2nd A.L. wild card spot and 1/2 game behind the Athletics. Damn that recent 2-4 homestand.
  6. The Royals are 25-75 with a home crowd over 30,000 the last 11 seasons.
  7. The child wasn't crying, he was having the time of his life, having fun by not repping the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
  8. Who is everyone? A handful of people in this lone forum? My poll that I've conducted since 2012 says otherwise. The Mariners have had many terrible seasons and have "factually sucked" wearing their current identity so don't give me that garbage. Who is "they"? Could care less or couldn't care less? Make up your mind. The fans want the star trident back and so do the players! I googled "Mariners greatest logo" and of course the star trident is the first result! But again, this thread is about the 2014 MLB season, not the Seattle Mariners greatest logo and brand identity.
  9. Where are the Bulls and Blackhawks fans over the age of 30?
  10. The Mariners and Royals are basically tied anyway. The Royals, I believe have a makeup game Monday and they were down by a couple runs in the bottom of the tenth! Why should I let that logo go? It's the Seattle Mariners' greatest logo.