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Carolina Panthers Concept


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Hello, CCSLC. As you more than likely know, I am new here. I hope to stick around here for awhile and enjoy myself.

Anywho, I have decided to take a crack at this new craze around here...Logo and Uniform concepts.

I decided to take on something that was not that broken and not too challenging to fix up for my first concept: The Carolina Panthers uniforms. Now the originals are okay, but are a strange clash of blocky conformity and whacky 90's font and striping ( I find the randomness of the striping odd, as well). I decided to go on with Light blue, which I think is a more unique color. I streamlined the shoulder and helmet striping, and incorporated a lesser-known logo.

I know, I know, this is on Paint, and little details are off, but I haven't the resources or time to get all-out design software and such.

Tell me what you think. Full on C&C is accepted.



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There is nothing wrong with this concept, but there's nothing really right with it either. The design is a bit too generic for me. I also like their helmet stripe they have now more than the one you posted. Not bad for a first concept though.

Why you make fun of me? I make concept for Auburn champions and you make fun of me. I cry tears.
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