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  1. This is awesome. Love that you constructed your own template. Really looking forward to this!
  2. Those helmets look good. I wished the white helmet had the same stripe as the red one, because that logo just doesn't look right on a stripeless helmet. Here's to hoping the red one gets more use, and that the black helmet is seen only once. What in great holy hell is going on there? It looks like remains of an aborted fetus of the jacksonville jaguars helmet and Willie from the Simpsons.
  3. I'm willing to bet pretty soon that every single court will eventually either have a state outline, or some sort of background soon. Thus is the nature of these fads. With that in mind, I hope they choose 4.
  4. If these see the field, I guarantee you that someone will get seriously injured because of them whether it be physically injured, or just suffering from injured pride.
  5. Did Adidas really run out of ideas so much that they had to borrow uniform ideas from the 1980s? That's pretty sad.
  6. Anything would be better than what Indiana has now. Anyway, not bad, but nothing great either. It's an idea that I've seen done before, so while I like it, I have a hard time praising something that doesn't take enough risks, especially when you're TRYING to spice up someone's uniforms.
  7. You know, it doesn't bother me that schools are having a bunch of different combos and helmets. That in itself is not the problem. The problem is that there is no thought put into any of them. The different helmets aren't trying to expand upon an idea, they're just there to look cool. The only helmets Indian really "needs" (as in, aren't redundant with the rest and still in a school color) is the regular red, the white helmet they had before, and the state logo one. Everything else is unnecessary and simply there for filler, and that's what irritates me about the whole thing.
  8. I would agree that the all yellow is better than what they're wearing (I actually kinda like it) but there's no way they are worse than what Lights Out posted. Good lord those numbers could be seen from space.
  9. The state flag helmet is nice. The chrome one is a nice idea that was thrown into a pit, shat on by a bunch of adidas executives with chrome. And yes, I think we've officially jumped the shark.
  10. All of these are incredible, especially the Rutgers set. It's modern, keeps the feel of a knights uniform, but isn't over the top.
  11. I've seen much.... much.... MUUUUUUUUCH WORSE than this. I think some of you are overreacting just a tad. Well of course there are worse than this, but there aren't any worse in division 1 right now by far.
  12. So now everyone is going to do the state thing, huh? Great.
  13. The only difference between that Lions uniform and what they wear now is the number font... ...and the pants and helmet striping, and the logo. And you call yourself a Lions fan, pfft. To me, those aren't major changes. The Sanders-era look was the last iteration before what we have now, IMO. But that's a matter of opinion, I guess. Wait, you don't consider a logo change, a pants stripe change and a helmet stripe change major changes?
  14. I think you're in the wrong thread gdu.