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My NFL Concepts

Brave-Bird 08

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Hello all,

So, my old computer kicked the can and all of my concept stuff went with it. I got a new laptop and downloaded some stuff from the boards onto it so I could continue doing concepts. I have not really been working the boards for a while. I've spent time moving into a new place, seeing family, etc. Anyways, I started doodling again from scratch. I've got a Falcons concept (another one) that I think is a good product. I'll see if I can't keep giving this thread a nudge towards a series now that things are settled!

This concept takes the Falcons' identity and puts it into two different pools. The home and road looks are UGA=esque, but also relevant to Atlanta's older identity. The style of the uniform coincides with the modern look revealed in 2003, but made to be sharper. The color choices nod to the team's past. The alternate uniforms are a big twist from the primary look, with black pants highlighting the tertiary look.

I changed the shade of red to something less pink, and also added silver to the uniform.



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I really like the design of the jerseys, but I'm just not digging the red and gray together. If you want to go with the gray pants I would go back to black as the primary color. Good start though, and I look forward to more teams.

And that sucks about your computer...I would invest in an external hard drive.

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