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College to Pro: Rose Bowl Edition


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Previously in C2P: Small-Americans : Heismans + Rings : Cam & Other 1st Rounders : The U


At some point I'll run out of ways to group everybody. So far though, there's been alma mater, 1st rounders of the same draft class, Heisman winners who own Super Bowl rings, and small-schoolers who made it to the league. And in the future, there will be at least two families, the Class of 83, and guys who played in the Army all-American game, among other sets. Today, I pay tribute to the Rose Bowl. As you may have already guessed, each player represented made at least one trip to Pasadena in his college days, and has played in the NFL, some longer than others. Kicking things off, a man I've long admired, Oilers legend Warren Moon


The Campbell/Moon-era Oilers uniform basically used its striping in the same way Florida does now: wherever it was on the uniform, it was always red-white-blue-white-red. Simple but it made for an interesting look. I had to take a small liberty here though, as otherwise it'd have just looked like I only inverted the helmet stripe, and I didn't want to give the world a white Washington helmet after all the grief the purple ones got IRL.

Second up, the D stands for Drew, Brees is known as the champ


This one was a bit problematic due to Purdue and the Saints wearing the same colors, and the Brees-era Boilers helmet being practically identical to what's on his head in N'awlins. As I told you way back in the Miami thread though, I will embellish a bit to achieve the look I'm aiming for.

Third in the box, the wideout many loved to hate before T.O. and Ocho, Keyshawn Johnson


As much as I hate looking at the trojan head, I'll grudgingly admit it lends itself as well in a Jets-style logo as it did on the Raiders shield. To compensate, the Jets helmet is green instead of white and uses an NYJ instead of the main logo.

Last up, I had a shot to represent my hometown. I took it. :hockeysmiley: Brent Moss, everybody.


He wasn't in the league for long. Hell, his stint with the Amsterdam Admirals was longer than his NFL career. Maybe I shoulda gone that route instead, since this is college to pro, not exclusively college to NFL. Hell, I coulda based something off of his brief stint with the Racine Raiders and come out better than I did here. Anyways, if you're wondering why the UW jersey's shoulder stripes aren't horns, last time I checked badgers don't generally grow horns. Likewise, no real helmet switch, first because the ram horns are too iconic, secondly, I would've used the R from their arch wordmark, but it looked too generic when I tried it out IMO.

Have your say, and in a few days time, I'll post C2P: the FCS edition.


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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I'll confirm it right now, Flacco'll be in that set. Armanti Edwards and Steve McNair too. I'm undecided on the fourth guy, I want someone from out west but I'll go with Adrian Peterson (the one from Georgia Southern) if I can't come up with anybody.


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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