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Canadiens concept


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I know it's hard to redesign the Montreal Canadiens set, but I took a stab at it.

I altered the striping so all the stripes are in block form, not like what they have on the bottom of their jerseys now. I also switched the blue and white on the home. Other than that, I kept the chest stripe of the away uniform.

For the alternate, I think this was the only option. The white jersey with the blue stripes is my favourite white Canadiens jersey of all time. I kept the same striping as the home jersey.

Let me know what you think


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Interesting take on the Habs; doesn't stray too far from their traditional look.

On the jerseys with chest stripes, I'm not that big a fan of the "block form" hem striping, as you put it. It seems to just clutter things up. I'd either go with what they have or nothing at all.

Like the addition of the arm stripes on the white jersey, but I'm not sure about the placement of them. There's not a whole lot of room between the shoulder yoke and the arm stripe to put a TV number.

On the white jersey with the blue chest stripe, keep the colouring/outlines on the numbers consistent. I think it would look better if you did a blue outer outline, then white, then the main portion of the number red. That way, it contrasts a little more with the stripe.

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