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amare32's Hybrid Challenge!


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OK, so I'm not a designer, just a fan of logos and uniforms. Can I still have a challenge? Great!

My challenge is this -- merge together the identities of any two teams. I'm thinking along the lines of hybrid logos and color schemes. Otherwise, no restrictions.

They can be teams from football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer...whatever. They could be two teams from the same city. Perhaps something along the lines of the Knicks' incorporation of the Tiffany desgined interlocking NY that's become the Yankees logo. Or the merger of New York Giants' and Brooklyn Dodgers' elements to make the New York Mets' identity. They could be teams w/o any association geographic or otherwise, so long as you can meld the elements of their identities together into a cohesive new design.

I'm sure all you creative people can rock this challenge. Deadline for entries is June 1. Have at it!

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How about making it that it HAS to be from the SAME city and DIFFERENT Sports:

ex: Toronto: Jays, Raptors, Maple Leafs...

Well, it certainly can be from the same city and different sports. But I'd like to give challengers the opportunity to blend whatever elements they like. If you can make a good logo out of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Anaheim Angels, that's well w/in the rules.

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Due to underwhelming response, the winner of this contest is: amare32, for his H.G. Wells-inspired melding of the uniforms of the Morlocks from the novel "The Time Machine" and by Griffin in the second half of "The Invisible Man." Here's a picture...

Pretty keen, eh? :P

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