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Super Bowl 50 logo (custom-made)


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Hi everyone. What do you guys think of my SB 50 logos? Custom-made to reflect the first SB logo. Hopefully we'll break away from the blandness of today's logo by 2016; this is just my take on it. Enjoy.

And thanks to the user "Raymie" for helping me out with the font.





Secondary (long):


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I love the idea of throwing back to the first game on the occasion of the fiftieth. These are awesome, good job.


koizim said:
And...and ya know what we gotta do? We gotta go kick him in da penis. He'll be injured. Injured bad.

COYS and Go Sox

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Looks pretty cool.

This might totally defeat the purpose, but being that its the nfl we're talking about, if they were to do something like this, i think they would likely do it in one of their custom fonts. So would you consider doing a version with the same basic layout (black letters, white numbers, red blue outline) but with their fonts? Kinda like a modern updated version, idk, it's your concept, just my two cents.

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