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Houston Astros Concepts


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Well, I think this would be an immediate upgrade over the current set, but there are some areas where you could improve. I'm not a huge fan of the sleeve piping and all of the colors in it. I'd rather see some nice blue and orange sleeve and pants piping. While the star under the script may have worked back in the day, I don't see it working in today's MLB. It looks dated IMO. I, personally would like to see more orange. If you work more in I would suggest making the script on the alternate orange, as well as maybe an orange-brimmed cap. Overall, I like this concept.

By the way, what is the name of the font that you used for the script? Works very well for the 'stros.

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The script could use some work, it seems a little too plain. I dont mind the rehashing of the rainbow, but the application is wrong. You have the fairly plain chest and back with a rather bright sleeve. It clashes. I know this work looked before, I just dont think it does now. I'd also throw some piping on those pants, for the most part plain pants remind me of a beer league. With some work this could look real good.

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