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Art Deco Vintage Airline Posters


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There was once a time when airlines really advertised in a unique way, each one having its own distinct identity and style. Today though, we rarely see advertisement for airlines other than Southwest's goofy TV spots. I designed some art deco-style ads for airlines a while ago, and I decided to post them here for C&C.





These 4 are the good ones. I've done 3 more, but they're kinda crap. I want to do more, so I'll take requests for people's favorite airlines.


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Germany and AA are by far the best. The Pan Am one is text-heavy, moreso for the Air Canada one (on which you need to remove the gradient for the logo). When you make the text rather than the insignia the prominent element, the design suffers and seems cluttered. It loses the striking simplicity you got with the other two


You know what they say, "Traditionalist's can go die in a hole if they don't like it."

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These definitely need some illustration. That was what was so great about those old airline ads. These definitely feel too text-heavy. Not saying it has to be this detailed, but something visual other than a logo should be a focus, in my opinion.


I still don't have a website, but I have a dribbble now! http://dribbble.com/andyharry

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Yours look good. Nicely done. I'd suggest the following logo for the AA one. The one you used was from the '50s, this one's from the '30s and fits better with an Art Deco theme:


Wow, you had to get me started on the greatness of airline destination posters. In whatever style, just a fantastic art form. Not to threadjack (much) but loved Delta's Monet-esque series from the '60s. This is on a playing card but the same design was on their posters:


This was my first airline, Muse Air (name changed later to TranStar, sank in '87). Thought their paper sculpture posters were pretty cool. I've got this one and several others at home:


I have this one too:


Another fave:



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