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Team-coloured NHL shields


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Thanks, and you're almost there! Québec isn't an expansion team, but Hartford is. Have a cookie anyway.

Hartford, KC and Seattle.

In the last game against Detroit, the time from ten minutes left to one minute left was probably the longest nine minutes of my life. But from one to zero was probably the greatest time I've ever had. I didn't want the clock to run out. It was such a great feeling: people crying in the stands, people jumping up and down, people cheering. Guys couldn't even sit up on the bench. It was probably the best minute of my life.

Ah, the "I'm kidding" - the universal internet excuse for saying something that others perceived as dumb.

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I remember doing a mini project like this. Seattle was a must in my league and wanted to deviate from the typical color scheme of blue/green. Instead I looked at native american carved animals from the Pacific Northwest and went with Black, Aqua Green, a reddish Plum, and Tan trim. Platinum also works, but the end result looked amazing.

I'd surely like to see what your take on Seattle would be

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Point1: You're welcome ^_^

Cody21: Only Hartford is right. You're close with KC though ? the other expansion team is the Colorado Rockies, and the Avs returned to Québec :)

Why not bring the expansion to KC? wouldn't make sense to move ateam from one city to Qc, only to very shortly give that town an expansion team....

Owner of the Rochester Americans of the MLH

Owner of the Toronto Frenchies of the GCFHL6

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