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Team-coloured NHL shields


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Anything in particular, Habsfan?

Just a few minor ones for example.

Nashville: The letters NHL should be in navy so that they stick out more.

Anaheim: Maybe modify the color placement.

Nothing major.

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I don't think navy letters on a navy background would stick out :P ?unless you're thinking of a different team? Nashville is second from the bottom in the leftmost column :u

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Oh yeah, you're right. I got the Preds and Sabres confused. :S

Ok one final suggestion, how about making Nashville crest mainly gold since they do market themselves as a gold team.

This is what I would have done.

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And here's team-coloured shields for my dream NHL:


Try to guess the expansion teams and you might win a plate of cookies~ :3

Why are the AVS going back to KC??? ;)

Love this work... only couple I sort of disagree with are:

Buffalo: too much silver/grey,

St-Louis: yellow seems faint,

Ottawa: Need to have more red,

Florida: would switch red with blue,

And in many case, increasing white may help brighten..

But overall, this is great work that I would love to see come alive.

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They aren't, they're going back to QC :P

And the yellow in the St Louis shield is too pale, yes. I went ahead and tweaked the other colours while I was at it.

How fare these?


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