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  1. Minnesota vs. Maryland hands down the worst uniform matchup of the year. Looks horrible both in the sun and the shade.
  2. It's reading too much as JGL. I think your bottom two logos are by far the most effective but the N needs some work.
  3. Someone uploaded a full version of the Mercury Mets game, if anyone is interested.
  4. I have to say: the Twins vs Angels matchup is probably the worst MLB uniform matchup in recent memory. This transcends horrid.
  5. I like the Expos logo. It reminds me more of a hockey logo than a baseball logo, something that would look nice blown up big and patched onto the front of a hockey jersey.
  6. This is pretty good. I assume we'll be seeing this format for a few more years before they change to something new.
  7. I would love for this to become a thread of pictures of helmet relics. This is awesome.
  8. According to Kyle Lockwood, the black, white, and blue Silver Fern flag is the favorite (in terms of polling), although I don't know if that's actually the case.
  10. What about the Minnesota Spirit though?