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Another "is this legal?"


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Today I was visiting a friends facebook and he was using a cover that I had made. Only it had a website posted in the top right corner. I visited the website and saw that they had stole all of my college basketball wallpapers, cropped them down, and slapped their website on them without giving me any credit. Can they do that? Do I have any rights? I started an email but haven't sent it yet. Here's a sample:


website: http://freecodesource.com/facebook-profile-covers/view.php?id=14044

and the actual files on my site




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I think the only real thing you can do it watermark it yourself, first. I had the same thing happen with stuff I had made so I watermarked it all. Some people go through the trouble of taking it off, but most don't. That way at least if they're stealing it, people know where it came from.

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