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  1. Looks like something new for Wisconsin. Probably a one off
  2. Wish they’d move those comically small numbers to the shoulders. Color scheme is gorgeous though!
  3. Really like the white: Do not like this though:
  4. Not trying to turn this into the concept page but here's a few other tweeks. Personally like the top left
  5. Can confirm. We've gone with the MUSS logo on every helmet since the 2017 Arizona game with exception of the SWOOP bumper decals worn in the Oregon and Colorado games last season and with the Throwbacks & Ute Proud in 2018.
  6. I'm personally a huge fan of the designs GV Artwork puts out. I think it fits the history of the team without being over the top.
  7. They could have at least photoshopped the Seahawks logo off the glove haha
  8. I've done many concepts in my day. Happy to see one of them hit the field for the first time (although I am against numbers on side). Ribbon is for Pediatric Cancer Awareness and we will be honoring kids at the game.
  9. I saw this on the Madden Modding discord. Thought it was interesting. In my opinion it shows that Navy is better for the Texans current identity.
  10. I'm in the same boat as almost everyone else. I have 5950's that are all the "same" size but vary quite a lot. I have a few that are unwearable because they are small, large ones, and ones that are perfect. One trick I've found for helping the fit (and can even be used to eliminate high crowns) is by heating up the inside with a blow dryer on high until it's almost too hot to touch and then putting it on while cupping it with your hands to your head, repeating the process as much as necessary. Basically you are just melting the polyester just enough to conform perfectly to your head. You just have to be careful because it can warp your hat if you get it too hot. It can be really uncomfortable to put a hot hat on your head but it goes away pretty quick and I find myself doing it with every cap I own now. Took an almost unwearable Cleveland Indians 5950 into one of my favorite hats.
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