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Team Canada 3rd jersey


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With the World Juniors coming up, I thought a 3rd jersey would be in order. I've based it on an old jersey from either the 40's, 50's or 60's. (I found the jersey last night but can't seem to find it again) It had the 3 stripes as well as blue. I wanted to keep it simple like last year's jersey. I also went back to the secondary logo as the primary and the primary as the shoulder logo.


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Nice work!

I like the secondary logo best too, although I have to say the 3 stripes gives it an "adidas" feel, when it's a nike jersey.

Other than that, great job. I'd wear one!

What are your thought on The Nuge being the Juniors Captain?...

ps. are you a Canucks fan living in Edmonton but origianlly from NZ? that's cool.

I'm an Aussie married to a Canuck from Edmonton but at least we are both Oilers fans! ;)

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