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Phoenix Firebirds


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As it goes every now and then, there are some logos from the past I've always wanted to work with. That was the case five years ago, that'll still be the case five years from now, there's just too many. There's one more crossed off that list though, so here go the old Phoenix Firebirds


The homes use the Firebirds' actual script, though I was considering employing flaming sleeves, a la the Birmingham Fire (who coincidentally wore the same colors) before I realized that in this case, it'd just look like I was trying too hard. The road lettering, well, if you're wondering why it reminds you of the late 90s Giants, that's because they were the Giants' AAA farm team for their entire existence until the D-backs' arrival forced them to move (though not to Fresno, as one might think...weird situation, Wikipedia tells it better).


Yellow alt: Basically to stave off anybody asking for one, the polarizing nature of the Suns' own PHX jersey notwithstanding.

Navy alt: True, I could've used the home script. I didn't though, as the aforementioned late 90s Giants jerseys were two of my favorites. It just seemed cooler this way.

Number trivia: Though the team was the Phoenix Giants when a young Willie Mays played for them, after he'd established himself, Mays was the first player to hit a homer in Phoenix Municipal Stadium, the Giants' spring home for its inaugural season and the Phoenix Giants/Firebirds' longtime home. As you might have guessed, Reggie Jackson was never a member of the Giants organization, but he was the first college player to send one out of Phoenix Muni.


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