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Cards Similar to NBA Ultimate Team


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I am not sure if you guys have ever played Madden Superstars or World Series Superstars on Facebook, but if you have, you will know what I am talking about. This is also similar to Madden Ultimate Team and NBA Ultimate Team and NHL Ultimate team. In those games, you collect player cards of the various players in the league, and assemble a team. You can buy card packs of various levels as well. I have developed a game on a forum called Basketball Legends. It is basically the NBA equivalent of these games. The forum is growing (only a month old), but is quite active. If you wish to join, the link is: http://basketballlegends.forumotion.com/

Alright, time for the graphics:

I have all the teams done, but I'll only post a few at a time to keep people interested.

First up is the New York Knicks!


Next up is the New Orleans Hornets (soon to become Pelicans):


What team should I post next?


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Yes. There is no reason to be posting in the same thread that often without updates except to show everyone you're needy for attention. When people want to post, they will. Constantly updating the topic without adding anything to it will turn people off from it very quickly, or may just result in being sent to the graveyard.

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