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  1. Here is the bowl uniforms for Oregon. Sorry I'm on a phone. https://mobile.twitter.com/uniformswag/status/674304698418077696
  2. Taco Bell style hats? Or would that be too similar to Minnesota's from last year?
  3. I think the dipping is still pretty common, I feel like every game you see at least 2 or 3 players with a dip in.
  4. Texas has updated their template too, saw it on Twitter around signing day.
  5. I think it looks beautiful, actually matchs the orange on the jerseys.
  6. ESPN is at the Rose Bowl and they have the helmet showing the Oregon helmet, and it seems as it has a much more reflective sheen to it than what is shown in the picture. Like almost a chrome and matte off child. ?
  7. ESPN using the old score bug again today. Any chance they're making adjustments to it based on reactions?
  8. I wonder if they include the controversial "blackface/flag-faced Wahoo" cap, or just a new version with the C. Looks like a new version with the C. What is wrong with that C? It looks squished on the right side.
  9. You're going way out on a limb there.Which of the other teams could really challenge them?
  10. Eagles could be the only legit team in the weak NFC East. If their secondary could play better, the offense could lead this team to an easy division title.
  11. When did Luck go to the Revo Speed? I always thought he wore the original Revo.
  12. I hate how the term "bigot" is thrown around so frequintley now. I feel that most people who call out so called "bigots" can be hypocritical. For example, if someone is called a bigot because they do not believe in the tolerance in homosexuality, but do not hate against homosexuality by just stating their opinion, like the Calgary reciever, is called a bigot how is the accurate? The definiton of bigot is "one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance" how did he hate against gays? So in that case, wouldn't the people who insult the non-gay supporters by saying they "aren't with the times" or "ignorant" be bigots themselves? Hating against a group for their own beliefs? I probably didn't really relay my thoughts that well In my post, it's just something that always had struck me as odd. I really don't lean strongly pro or against, just a thought I had.