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Into the Wild Blue Yonder-Air Force football


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This set's been in the works for a while...anyways, the focal point of the main set is the modified Northwestern stripes, as one of my favorite AFA uniforms from the late 90s had em. The modification, of course, is that they look like thunderbolts.


The alt...thought I'd go in this direction. Can't remember why, but here goes.


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it's kinda cool how this looks like a football adaptation of the Dodgers uniforms.

Besides that, I like how these would look on-screen or on field. Except I would try blue pants with the white jersey.

And I'm always looking forward to seeing your concepts.

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Technically, there are three, I was probably a bit loopy when I'd said it was based off of NW striping, it's actually closer in spirit to the Browns/old Packers' striping. Just, one bolt is real wide.

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