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Hey Guys. I currently go to NAU and we have the single most boring jerseys right now so I thought I'd throw together a couple other options that I'd like to see on the field. I also like Nike more than our current sponsor Adidas so I went with Nike. Let me Know what you thinkNAU.jpg


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As a Lumberjack alum, I gotta say: I think these are much too gaudy for them to ever take the field in. NAU both on the field and off is a very traditional school, and I would ideally like to see their uniforms reflect that. Those side panels are a bit much, but I do like the baselayer. If the helmet had more traditional striping, too, It would work better.

One thing I never liked about NAU's brand overall is that their academic logo (lilben - that's a modified version of their academic logo) doesn't include yellow, only teal, and for football it's vice versa. NAU would be smart to swap the yellow and teal out in the academic side of things, and I think it would work better here, too. I think the axes behind it are a bit much, though.

With some refining and cleanup, this could be a lot better. Cool to see an NAU concept, though!

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