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Fantasy Football League Logo


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Hey everyone,

I've been a part of this family & friends Fantasy Football league for quite a while now and we've had this pretty generic logo. I've recently began to whip something up.

Our league name is Hartland Valley Fantasy Football League. Some of us are family, so using Hart is the last part of our last name, LehnHART.

Anyways, I've done a logo. This is the my first attempt. I'd love some feedback on how to make it better.

Thank you!

- Zack


Oh...I might add, the 3 stars represent our 3 divisions; Snap, Crackle & Pop


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I'm not very good at making logos and coming up with ideas for them. The logo is a good logo, maybe for the state of Ohio have a blue and white stroke around it like you do the circle? I don't know, but it does look very sharp.

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I like it. Very clean. Only thing that I would MAYBE add, but certainly isn't a necessity would be a floating stoke around Ohio. I.e. a white stoke, then a red stroke so that there are separation between the state and stroke.

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