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New England Patriots Alt Concept


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This is a quick little concept I made for the New England Patriots. This is my first time in awhile doing this so I apologize if it hurts your eyes. Anyways, I got tired of the typical Navy Blue dominated uniforms so I made this one up and personally I like the red much more its just I need to add alot of detail to it, but tell me what you guys think so far.

Also, I have been seeing these awesome concepts around here featuring the player action template (or w/e the one is that has the player standing around sporting the uniforms), if someone could show me how to work uniforms onto such a template that would be awesome.i4CcPCZ.png

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At this point, this looks like a cheap Pop Warner jersey (I would've compared this to an RYS jersey, but you wouldn't have gotten the reference unless you grew up in Racine). Use the actual script, use the patriot head, old Pat, the old striping, something that tells me this is supposed to be an NFL jersey and not the cheap JV rag it looks like right now.


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