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Jacksonville Jaguars concept


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So, the Jags new look is a big mess. Obviously the helmet is a nightmare but IMO the pants are nearly as bad. I think the helmets kind of overshadows any other problems, and on the flip side, keeps you from noticing a jersey that actually gets some things right. Here's my "fix." I went with a teal helmet because, basically, I've just never seen one and think it would look cool. Plus, there's more than enough black in the NFL these days... any chance to lighten up a color scheme, I'd take. And using teal for both helmet and jersey gives me the opportunity to go with gold pants... dark over dark over light is classic football. This uniform eliminates the possibility of monochrome (plus) and leotard pants/socks (big plus).

I'd like a little help with a helmet stripe. I feel like there should be one, but am having trouble with it. The asymmetrical pants stripes are making it hard for me to come up with a helmet stripe.

Tell me what you think.


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Why not just go with white pants? That'd still be dark over dark over light. I do like the white numbers though. Looks better than black.

IMO, the pants stripe is a downgrade. Obviously you don't think so, but that's ok. I don't think yours fits with the jersey very well.

Make the helmet stripe like the current titans stripe,it will help connect the helmet with the jersey

This. Or you could go with a kewl gradient. Those are dope :P



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