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I'm making a Michigan State team on EA Sport Teambuilder. I'm stuck on these jerseys so I made a bunch of them. Here are all my Michigan State Concepts, including blackout, green out, grey alt, freedom, classic, cancer awareness, home, away, and a gold.

EX- Name of Jersey- (main color used, secondary color, third color)


Home- (Green, White, Grey)

Green Out Jersey- (Green)

Classic Jersey-(Green, White)

Grey Alt- (Grey, Green, White)

Gold Alt- (Gold, Green, White, Grey)

Green Away- (White, Green, Grey)

White Away- (White, Green)

Black Out- (Black, Green)

Black Out w/ Green- (Black, Green)

Black Out w/ gold- (Black, Gold, Green)

Freedom/Patriotic- (Red, Blue, White)

Breast Cancer Awareness-(Hot Pink, Pink, White)

Practice Jersey/Colorful- (Orange, Green)

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