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The American Soccer League (ASL)

Dayne Amaze

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I have made a 20-team football (better known to Americans as, "soccer") league based in the United States and Puerto Rico. In this "universe" there is no MLS, and I am imaging soccer to be much more popular in North America than it is in real life (think the Premier League)

I have used various real-life current and defunct soccer franchises from around America (so I do not own any rights to these logos at all) and this is simply for fun. I will be designing more details later on, like a league logo, map, uniforms, history, rosters, etc., if I get a decent reception from all of you.

So here is how the system looks:

American Soccer League (founded 1949, merged with the United States League in 1978)

Imperial Conference

Idaho Snowhawks

(based out of Boise, plays home games at Ann Morrison Park grounds)
Founded: 1997


San Francisco Evolution FC

(plays home games at Golden Gate Park)

Founded: 1984


Los Angeles Sol

(plays home games at Echo Park)
Founded: 1982


San Diego Avengers

(plays home games at Balboa Park)
Founded: 2004


San Antonio Scorpions FC

(plays home games at Brackenridge Park)

Founded: 1996


Heartland Conference

FC Denver

(plays home games at Aurora Sports Park)

Founded: 1978


St. Louis Athletica

(plays home games at Forest Park)

Founded: 1986


Nashville Metros

(plays home games at Shelby Park)

Founded: 1989


Minnesota Thunder

(plays home games at Indian Mounds Park)

Founded: 1990


AFC Cleveland Endeavor

(plays home games at Brecksville Reservation grounds)

Founded: 1949


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State Conference

FC Buffalo

(plays home games at Delaware Park)
Founded: 2009


Boston Breakers

(plays home games at Bussey Brook Meadow grounds)

Founded: 1978


Hartford SC

(plays home games at Colt Park)

Founded: 1979


Brooklyn Italians

(plays home games at Prospect Park)

Founded: 1949


Atlanta Concorde-Fire

(plays home games at Grant Park)

Founded: 1993


Caribbean Conference

Jacksonville FC

(plays home games at William F. Sheffield Regional Park grounds)

Founded: 1997


Tampa Bay FC

(plays home games at Lettuce Lake Park grounds)

Founded: 1995


Miami FC

(plays games at Amelia Earhart Park grounds)

Founded: 1975


Tallahassee United

(plays home games at Tom Brown Park)

Founded: 1979


San Juan SC

(plays home at Bosque Urbano Del Nuevo Milenio)

Founded: 1978


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Like the logos so far... But one thing that doesn't make sense: Why is San Antonio in the Imperial (in my mind, Pacific) conference, and Denver in the Heartland (Central)? Denver is farther West than San Antonio, and would be good natural rivals with the Idaho team if they're in the same conference.

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