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2014 NLL Thread


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New on-field supplier is Under Armour. The press release lists everything except jerseys, however. So I'm not sure if they will still be Reebok. I personally hope not. Reebok has all but butchered every teams' jerseys and UA's template would be a welcome change. Also, New Era is the new cap supplier.

Only change team-wise this year is the Stealth relocating from suburban Seattle to suburban Vancouver. The name was kept and the logo is uninspired crap.

There are a couple rule tweaks, most notably an additional 2 games have been added to the schedule for a total of 18.

Training camps opened this past weekend and preseason starts in two weeks. Regular season faces off on December 28.

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I'm a casual Roughnecks fan, but I hated the Reebok changes. Nor did I like the red helmets but I really liked their old jerseys with the screws.

I hope UA takes the jerseys but I think there would have been some news about it earlier.

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Jerseys for the 2014 season are produced by Projoy, the Canadian company that had rights before the Reebok takeover. Subtle if any changes to uniforms, despite Vancouver. Toronto added secondary patches and Buffalo removed piping are the only ones that I know of so far.

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