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  1. As an Angels fan, absolutely not to the Angels in navy, for this reason. They own the red, or the red on red, and it separates them from the numerous other navy/red teams in the MLB. Even just look at the infamous AL West A'sSHÅT photo and see what the red Angels hat does for that division and what a navy Angels hat would do to it. The old California Angels set is just Red Sox West, especially the years when they straight up used the Red Sox number font. I could take or leave the gold halo, but that seems like an unnecessary thing to go through all that work in changing the signage and branding and what have you for a single strip of logo colour unless they were going to do a full rebrand. I like the red jersey, but I will agree with the shadowing issue. I've never liked that the script has the dropshadows while the number and NOB is just a single stroked outline. The red jersey is actually the only one with a consistent outline on the script, the name and the NOB. This will never happen (under current circumstances, who knows something could change, but probably not with the stadium plans). If the stadium PA guy isn't referring to the team as "The Los Angeles Angels" and all the merchandise which says "City Name Team Name" for the 29 other teams says "Angels Baseball" for the Angels, there's not going to be a non-throwback, fulltime "Los Angeles" jersey or hat anytime soon.
  2. Now where have I seen those Ottawa jerseys before?
  3. I agree that it's a hot take to think that it had as much of an influence as the Coyotes existing, but I don't think it's a hot take to say that NHL 94 wouldn't have been a big influence itself. Sports video games are pretty big for "growing the game", whatever the game may be. Personal anecdote, getting a PS3 back in my life four years ago and being able to play NCAA Football 14 again is the reason I really got into college football (I hesitate to say "again" because even when I was playing it back in the PS3 days, and some back in the PS2 era, I never really cared about following college football outside of playing the game). A couple factors, namely one big one, played into the school I chose to become a fan of, but I would have picked one eventually regardless.
  4. Re: old merchandise (because there is too many to quote). I think they should do something like the Elks are doing. There's 35,000 people (give or take) with a new Elks t-shirt to replace an old Eskimos one. The Elks had come out saying that they sold three home games worth of dollars in merchandise over the first week following the unveiling so getting new merch into circulation hasn't appeared to be an issue for them, but a free t-shirt is a free t-shirt.
  5. Red is already just a fairly common eye colour in art for menacing/spookiness/sinister/whatever synonym you want to use. I didn't realize that a) according to @Gothamite that it was a late addition because of what I just typed above, would have just assumed it was an early and obvious thing, and b) that people are questioning it because, again, of what I just typed above. We know what it would look like, it would look like the Seahawks wearing hockey jerseys. Obviously I would have no knowledge on what was going on with the colour choices, but to me it seems that they picked the blueish/greenish colour scheme that Seattle sports has going on and then went with the red to not just be the Seattle Hockey Seahawks (and the aforementioned red eye art connotations).
  6. Honestly, same. I guess I'm going to have to start venturing back to the concepts section again more often if this is what I'm missing.
  7. I never said anything about the hem stripes (though the combination of the hem striping and sleeve striping does make Seattle's jerseys similar to the Ducks orange jersey). It is the similarities of the overall striping pattern as seen on Seattle's sleeves and as will be seen on their socks. Ever since the switch in 06/07, the Ducks have used that striping pattern of body colour/big second colour/smaller third colour/body colour/thin fourth colour/body colour. Look at the retired number banners for Niedermayer and Selanne and tell me you don't see similarities to the sleeve striping of Seattle.
  8. Seattle's striping is thicker and obviously straighter (and apparently higher up on the arm looking at it right now), but the sleeve (and sock from the unveiling graphics) pattern is similar. Look at the dark jersey especially. The striping goes body colour/big second colour/smaller third colour/body colour/thin fourth colour/body colour. The whites in both sets also follow the same pattern, just the Ducks use more white because one of their stripes is white. Also look at the orange alternate, it's at the very least in the same family as the Kraken jersey.
  9. I hate this logo. Not really for how it looks (I think it's fine, a bit over designed and too much of a morph of the existing Blackhawks logo, but fine enough), but for the seemingly annual "discovery" of this logo on Reddit and/or Twitter. "Has anybody seen this logo before!1!!1!" Yes we have, multiple times. Didn't it also get stolen by some podunk junior team at some point in the past? Don't underestimate the power of catalogue ordering for junior hockey, even in the CHL. I really think it's a misstep to not change the jerseys, especially with all the interview quotes about getting their own identity and not wanting to be confused with the Blackhawks anymore, but I don't see this at all being a situation where Portland didn't change the jerseys as an intentional show to Chicago. I mean, it worked for Peoria.
  10. From what I understand, the lawsuit came about after Kirk Minihane had one of his interns read through the entirety of her book live on his show (or maybe it was just a YouTube stream or something), but I have no idea, nor do I care to look into, if the lawsuit is for a defamation thing or a copyright thing.
  11. Don't like the different decals on different sides. I think it'll look fine with the normal aways, but it's going to look out of place with the retros. I don't think they needed to do full retro helmets with the old leather striping pattern, but just the normal helmets would be okay. Also, I posted a page or so back about the horse logo the Stampeders use on the helmet and jerseys being different from the primary logo (and being SMU's logo) and then they go and change the horse in this helmet anniversary logo to the helmet/jersey horse. So I guess they intentionally are using the different horse logo and are keeping that consistent? I don't know what's going on there. This looks really good and the general reaction to the dropping of black has been good, so I hope the Stampeders are paying attention. Especially with the Flames going retro and dropping black (besides the alternate), maybe CSEC might be thinking about doing the same for the the Stamps? (But who knows based on CSEC)
  12. Well this is underwhelming. I think using the Blackhawks template is worse now with a new logo. With the previous logo, you at least had the history of why they were playing Blackhawks dress-up but now it just looks like they picked the Blackhawks template out of a catalogue because it happened to match the logo colours. Why not make a clean break from the old brand with new jerseys? I still don't like going with metallic gold in the logos instead of flat.
  13. I'm a fan of the new Winterhawks logo, but I don't like the metallic gold in the beak. Should have been flat. Yes, Tri-City (non-plural) does. It came in as the primary in 2003 and was relegated to secondary in 2008.
  14. Icethetic's Jersey Watch says the Flames aren't going to have an alternate this season and the Black C jerseys are on a 50% off sale right now on the Flames/CSEC teams store. The Jersey Watch does say that one is planned for 2022-23 though, so the Black C might still come back. One issue with wearing a Cowboys jersey is that the Cowboys jersey is just a Blackhawks jersey without the black. The Flames also haven't ever, directly, acknowledged the Cowboys either and the old Stampede Corral itself is rubble now, so tying it in with the closure of the rink is gone. I say directly because the Hitmen played three games at the Corral two years ago now and wore Cowboys jerseys in one of the games. (The other two jerseys were the Wranglers and Centennials, old WHL franchises who also played in the Corral)
  15. I just kind of noticed this now, but the horse the Stampeders use on their helmets and jerseys is different than the horse in their logo (and that's used everywhere else). Dropshadow notwithstanding, but look at the direction of the tail, the face shape and the "spikes" in the mane. The one on the helmets and jerseys is SMU's logo. I don't know if this has always been the case, but I can't not see it now.
  16. Not a great pic, but an early look nonetheless. I'm a sucker for these kinds of helmets (Rams, Bengals, Vikings, Eagles, Barnstomers) but I don't know if I'm a fan. The decal looks too small and thin to me. The Stamps are wearing the normal helmets, so no idea what that helmet Mitchell was wearing is about.
  17. Not according to what Andrew just said. I still stand by what I said before. The Reverse Retro program is really cool and a, rare, really good idea from the NHL and I have a Getzlaf Reverse Retro in my closet right now that will be my go-to Ducks jersey for the foreseeable future, but the program has a shelf life. I would rather it end after one (generally) good and well received go-around instead of cheapening it after another season or two with the reactions being "I guess that's a jersey that team wore in the past" or "That's the Reverse Retro they had last year, but in a different colour" or "That's just pretty much what they're wearing right now all the time already, but in a different colour". That is a concern of mine, if you can even call it a concern. These aren't just supposed to be alternate jerseys, these are "Reverse Retros" and I think they should occupy different spaces and themes. If it gets to the point where the jerseys aren't "Reversed" (even though that's an already loose term) nor "Retro", the program has run its course.
  18. The CFL can't afford to lose the Argonauts though. Like I said above, for all the issues the Argonauts have, the CFL needs the GTA for the tv deal. If there's no CFL team in Toronto, there would likely be massive, potentially league ending, ramifications for the league's cash flow.
  19. So it turns out this whole thing might have been a stunt because Addison posted she got fired and then some dude from something called Front Office Sports said they reached out to a source who said she was never employed by UFC. This is the dumbest thing ever and an insane overreaction. Big-J journalists got to protect the industry or whatever.
  20. And that's the thing here, it's not even a real "job". I fully assume this is just her doing ringside interviews for a single fight night and then both her and the UFC will go on their merry ways after. I do not think she's joining the UFC media corps. It's no different than any other actor or athlete or celeb doing an appearance, but these people were so incensed by her joke about her single semester in the journalism program, at LSU I believe, before her internet fame took off that it crossed their wires. If she hadn't commented at all about her former schooling, or she isn't famous for the way she is, it's a non-thing beside maybe a couple people making the usual "internet famous/talent" comments. Just from my two years-ish in the biz, I don't think it's that bad yet in all places, at least from my knowledge about the Canadian markets near me. Some of the smaller towns sure, those probably weren't too big to begin with, but there are still journalism jobs out there. But it's definitely a saturated market with people like the admiral was getting at who were Good At School and social media/Twitter has broken a lot of those people's brains where they think local news is beneath them because they want to opine.
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