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  1. I've never liked Ole Miss' (Ole Misses? Ole Ma'ams?) football look. They have the same problems the Giants have where the colour usage (including the addition of grey) and striping aren't consistent across parts of the uniform, but the Ole Miss issues are magnified by the extra combinations they have. Like the set in the post above has a powder blue helmet with a red stripe and a red fonted logo, then there's a powder blue jersey with white stripes and no red, and then plain white pants with neither powder blue nor red. Their uniforms are like those word ladder puzzles where you have a word at the start and you have to change one letter at a time to make a new word and continue doing that until you get to the end word. We'll start with a powder blue/red/white helmet then go to a red/white jersey and then end with grey/navy blue/red pants.
  2. Texas Tech with the throwbacks today.
  3. Kind of a different scenario since they were never an affiliate, but the Calgary Cannons used a recoloured Chicago Cubs hat for while. (Also notice how Omar Vizquel's name is spelt wrong on his card)
  4. Were they even paid for the bubble? I genuinely don't know. I know they don't get paid for the playoffs in a normal year, but were they still paid for the qualifying round games because those weren't technically playoff games? I wouldn't think it would be allowed, contractually or whatever, to pay the bubble players and not play the non-bubble players. There would also still be the pay for last few weeks of the season once the season shut down. Did that ever get sorted out?
  5. As someone who's from Calgary and lives in Edmonton for school, I (and a bunch of other Albertans) already kind of knew that some of this was going to be the case. Some of the promo videos showed the mountains and Edmonton isn't part of the mountains, if it was a Calgary bubble than the mountains could be a possibility, but not Edmonton. The Toronto bubble also always seemed to be the better of the two and the comments from players here now look to prove that. I have not gotten around to driving up to the arena and bubble to see it for myself but maybe I should make the time to after this article. I know some Edmonton teams went to the Rec Room, which I would describe as a more upscale Dave & Busters (as someone who hasn't been to a Dave & Busters), but that's a 20-ish minute drive away and I only saw video evidence of two teams going there and it probably was just for an afternoon. There was also a little noise that players were ready to complain about the amenities right when they got to the bubbles, but then they (or their agents) saw what was being said about the NBA players complaining about that bubble (as seen here in this thread) and nixed it. So this kind of thing has come up many times about the NHL and NBA players in the bubbles. Is there a personal wealth or privilege threshold that we as a society have decided that when broken by a person, they are not allowed to complain about anything anymore? With the NHL bubbles, specifically the Edmonton one, it's clear that the NHL overpromised (and underdelivered) at best and straight up lied at worst about what the players would be able to do and be able to have. They've been locked in and isolated for two months now, I know that if I was a player, I would be having mental and emotional health issues with the bubble. I could also say that I'm tired of people like you complaining about hockey players complaining, when you are so entitled because you have internet access and the ability to watch hockey when there are people in third world countries that will never get easy access to clean water in their life. Everybody is privileged in some form or another and it becomes just a sad game of trying to reverse outdo each other and policing what can and cannot make other people sad or unhappy depending on their status. Are there times when the sadness can be a bit much when you do consider the context? Yes. Is it easier to just fallback on the money argument and post zombielandwoodyharrelsonwipingtearswithmoney.gif to upvotes or retweets? Also yes. Do I think it's right? No.
  6. I don't know if Anaheim is going to get an NBA team because I don't know if a third team in that market would fly and I don't know the Samueli's interest in a basketball team. I know the Clippers had toyed with moving to Anaheim a couple times in the past, but that's clearly off the table now, and the Kings were reportedly pretty close to moving there around a decade ago, but that never happened. There are going to be improvements and renovations made to the Honda Center in time for the 2028 Olympics so maybe there could be more talk about an NBA team in Anaheim then, but even then I don't know if it'll happen. (A Seattle group also tried to buy the Kings back in 2013 and move them to Seattle, but the relocation was voted against by the owners and the sale bid was withdrawn) I think Ridley's got a decent point about Phoenix to Houston, I do think Houston would be more of an expansion candidate and not a relocation one. I also don't know how well the Rockets owner is doing financially right now. I also think the Panthers have overtaken the Coyotes in the relocation race. There's supposedly a out clause in the lease after the 2023 season and there's not a lot of positives coming out of Sunrise recently, or I guess over their entire history too.
  7. Yeah, I've always thought the recent Canada World Junior alternates were always a bit dark and these are essentially the Nike version of these Sens jerseys. (Side note, I didn't know the maple leaf pattern went all the way down the sleeves on these).
  8. Well they have been in graphic form, but I remember seeing Adidas say they won’t be available for purchase until closer to the expansion draft.
  9. I said this a few times on the boards before, I don't think silver/grey is a neutral jersey colour in football like it is in baseball. Silver is a colour unto itself in football, not a swap for white. It looks out of place here on the Pats and I've always thought it looked bad on the Panthers.
  10. It's not a new logo. It's a modernized version of one of the logos (as seen on the right) used for the Lions "Quarterback Club", which used to be the kids club for the team. They're bringing the logo back for a merch line. Here's the Lions article about the merch. No change, just an old promotional logo dug up for apparel.
  11. The guy is also the owner of the Pensacola Blue Wahoos for what that's worth, but it does come into play. He says that without this new stadium, the team wouldn't exist anymore, which would line up with Beloit being on the alleged list of MiLB cuts at the beginning but apparently not anymore. He said that the team is not leasing this new stadium from a landlord like the city or whoever, instead the team is on the hook for all the costs associated for the stadium (which is a roundabout way of saying the team owns the stadium?) so the re-branding is an effort to increase the merchandise revenue stream to add more money to the coffers. I think a lot of it is what Brandiose and other rebrandings have done to the MiLB where teams become like the Cowtown YeeHaw Buckaroos instead of the Calgary Cowboys. Yeah the local fans might not like it, but look at how many wacky hats they've sold to people on the internet and how much money they've made, so other owners take notice. There are still wacky teams and logos that have good branding but are restrained, like the Blue Wahoos, but most are trying to go to far.
  12. That one's actually not that hard. The Hash Slinging Slashers or the Butcher Petes.
  13. It's made the news. Snappers fans believe new owner “destroying brand” with name change. "If you want to name the team, just buy it!" I guess that also kind of explains Beloit's spot on the chopping block, maybe it was conditional on the building of a new stadium.
  14. Yeah it was a joke about when hockey was on the Outdoor Living Network for a bit. But no I didn't know that OLN is NBCSN.
  15. That's a name I've never heard of before and boy howdy was I surprised to be asked if I was over 18 when I clicked on the subreddit with her name. I don't really understand *that* side of the internet. I've come across YouTube clips before of a certain podcast with an unfortunate name, who apparently travels in the same circles as this Megan person, that I've found funny, but I don't know if me saying I found these clips funny puts me on list. Again, I don't really understand that side of the internet.
  16. Does OLN want to get into live sports again?
  17. A new expansion team in the WCL was announced today, the Edmonton Riverhawks. This team will be run by the new lease holders of the Edmonton stadium who won the bid back in May. After losing the bid and having talks fall apart with the new stadium ownership, the current summer collegiate team, the Edmonton Prospects of the WCBL, announced they will be moving to the Edmonton-area city of Spruce Grove for the 2022 season. I posted in the Minor League news thread a couple of months ago about the whole situation in Edmonton. So now there will be two summer collegiate teams 30 minutes away from each other in Edmonton who play in two separate leagues and the WCBL isn't too happy about this. (The stadium situation is also in question because if the Riverhawks start in 2021 and the Prospects don't have a stadium until 2022, I don't know what'll happen there) Travel is going to be an issue for the Riverhawks. (Feel free to move part this into the Minor League news thread if you feel it's needed mods, but this is backstory I felt would be needed to discuss the announcement of the team and would get more eyes on it than on just in the Minor League news thread. I'm sure I'll have more updates for the Minor League news thread in the future if stuff starts to pop off later)
  18. Numerically and mathematically yes, but on the back of a jersey and written on a scoresheet I don't think they're any different than 1 and 11, 2 and 22 or any other double number.
  19. Have we seen yet anywhere what the Chargers field is going to look like? There were the mockups in the stadium graphics, but I can't remember seeing any actual pictures. Also, how are they switching the field between the Rams and the Chargers? They clearly aren't doing it the same way as MetLife with the Rams logo being at the 50-yard line.
  20. I could be convinced into Supper Clubbers, but it would be better if they dropped Supper and went with just Clubbers. Clubbers kind of ties into baseball and they could still theme the branding into a supper club without having "Supper" in the name.
  21. "It CoPiEs ThE rAnGeRs!" I get that the Rangers are the most famous, prominent and will be (unfairly) used as a comparison, but it's just letters set diagonally on the front a jersey. That's like saying Seattle is copying 30 other teams by having a logo on the front.
  22. Oh dear... Some interesting background here. So basically the Snappers are not leasing the stadium from a landlord who will cover stadium expenses, they instead are on the hook for everything at the stadium for the 20 year lease, which they say will have them spend $12-15 million over those 20 years (so I guess this is a way of saying they own the stadium?). They said without the new stadium, the team would have likely left Beloit so they are looking to increase revenue streams to help pay for stadium costs, with one of those revenue streams being merch sales. They said the Snappers average $50,000 a year but with a new name they estimate sales of $300,000 in year one and then $200,000 in year two. They point to the Pensacola Blue Wahoos who did $750,000 in sales for year one and then have averaged about $450,000 a year since then.
  23. Yeah, I'd have to imagine that guy would have something to do with it. Account name squatting sucks, but that account has existed since 2013, (though it doesn't mean his account name was always @seattlekraken the entire time) and the guy wrote a Medium "article" back in 2014 saying Seattle needs an NHL team and it should be called Kraken, so maybe he does deserve something if the Kraken want the @.
  24. With today's social media world, I find it surprising that the Kraken are still running with the @NHLSeattle_ Twitter name, especially with their Instagram and Facebook both being @SeattleKraken. I know changing your username removes the blue checkmark on Twitter, if they are worried about that, but there's a workaround as evidenced by the Edmonton and Washington Football Teams changing their Twitter account names and still having the checkmarks. Or they are worried about losing the pre-Kraken brand they built up with the @NHLSeattle_ account name, which would be kind of dumb if that was the case.