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Rangers are for real


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The Texas Rangers are for real, folks. They've won seven straight, including an 18-inning marathon of a game yesterday. Kenny Rogers just tossed a CG 3-hitter (only 90 pitches). Hank Blalock is statistically better than A-Rod. Alfonso Soriano has 2 HR in as many games. Mike Young is a Gold Glove quality shortstop, I dare say as good as Miguel Tejada.

Kenny Rogers pitched a phenomenal game today. Complete game, only three hits, polished off the Astros in 90 pitches, & became the AL's first 10-game winner thus far. I would dare say he is Cy Young material if this keeps up.

Anyone else here think the Rangers are contenders? They definitely can win the AL West if injuries subside & they make a deal. All they need is one more pitcher & they can go pretty far, IMO.


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rating the AL West...the Mariners might as well pack it in and call it a year. started out bad, it might get better but probably not by much.

having a three team race out of four ain't bad though. the Rangers surprised me, i admit. i bet A-Rod's asking why they didn't play this good when he was around. heck, they put in a few words for Rogers in the ESPN mag. If they keep playing like they are, they will take the division (and finally prove they're worthy of wearing blue hats ;) ). there's a chance they could fade, however. it's happened to other teams, it could happen here. key word could, but probably won't.

The A's have a better bullpen with Dotel but i think they need a real closer. Dotel has closer stuff, but he's a setup man. and for some reason they have a AAA closer who's doing setup work. hmm, what's wrong with that picture? they don't do something to that pen outside of Dotel, the A's will be a distant third. Get a closer, they can take the division. Key word can

and the Halos...I can't put my finger on it but I think they're the crazy 8 in this race. they have the talent to win the division, and the knowhow to get it done. consistency's been a problem for em this year, however. at this point, i make no predictions for the Halos.

and as i said, teh Mariners are gonna finish last. stick a fork in em.


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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