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Jordantown Admirals Hockey (1890-2014) Full History Concept


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After a brief hiatus from designing concepts for fun (including winning the ECHL All-Star design challenge w00t w00t), I'm back with perhaps my most intricate design ever. For this design, I'm creating the entire history of a hockey club from its beginnings in 1890 to today, posting one decade at a time.

First, a little background on this concept... Jordantown is a small town in the municipality of Digby in Nova Scotia. In real life, it's a small fishing town, but in this concept, it grew to become the third largest city in Canada. Digby is named after Rear Admiral Robert Digby, which is where the team got their name.


The team began play in 1890 as the Digby Scallop Fishers Hockey Club. They played 6 games in the 1890-91 season, and 4 games and a tournament in the 1890-92 season. They took to the ice wearing these sweaters:


In 1892, the Digby Scallop Fishers Hockey Club merged with the Digby Municipal Employees Athletic Club to become the Digby Municipal Hockey Club. They would play as the Digby Municipal Hockey Club until 1904.


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In 1904, the Digby Municipal Hockey Club merged with the Jordantown Athletic Association to become the Jordantown Athetic Club.


In 1906, the Jordantown Athletic Club adopted this new logo which would become the basis of the logo they would use for years.



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The Jordantown Athletic Club would continue play until 1914 before changing their identity.


In 1914, the Jordantown Athletic Club would become the Jordantown Digbys in honor of Rear Admiral Robert Digby, they continued to play as an independant team until 1917.



In 1917, the Jordantown Digbys joined the newly formed National Hockey League.


Finally, in 1919, the Jordantown Digbys changed their name to the Jordantown Admirals. This name would stick for the next almost 100 years. They also introduced the "J anchor" logo that would continue to be used throughout most of the teams history.


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The Jordantown Admirals started the roaring twenties with the previous year's design but with a lower collar.


The Admirals remoked the yoke for the 1921-22 season, but the rest of the design stayed the same.


The Admirals went back to their previous design for the next few years.


For the 1924-25 season, the Admirals reintroduced high collars and blue into their color scheme. It would stay the same for almost 50 years. A new logo was also introduced.


In 1925, the color of the anchor and numbers was changed and an outline was added. This would be their last high-collared sweater.


For the next few years, the Admirals wore a similar sweater with the colors flip-flopped.


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In 1931, the Admirals took to the ice wearing these sweaters with a more simple striping design.


In 1934, the Admirals brought back the J-anchor on top of these barberpole striped sweaters.


In 1935, the Admirals began wearing this design which would be worn for several years.


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Really cool idea. All the sweaters are looking nice so far!

Thanks! I figured it would be fun. Now on to the...


In 1940, the Admirals added tie-up collars. They would keep them for the next 30 years.


In 1941, the Admirals added a contrasting sweater based on their previous one.


In 1947, the Admirals changed their striping a bit.


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In 1960, the Admirals removed their cuff stripes to better fit the newer style of jersey.


In 1964, the Admirals added sleeve numbers. They would wear these sweaters for the remainder of their stint in the NHL.


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The 1970s would bring sweeping changes to the Jordantown Admirals franchise. Due to deep-seated arguments with the management of the NHL, the Admirals decided to split off and join the World Hockey Association in 1972. At this time they also drastically changed their design including a very stereotypical 70s color change. They also redesigned their logo to something unique, a crest that includes the player's number.

Their sweaters they wore from 1972-75 were the first to include the players name. To save money, they only printed brown name tapes.


In 1975, the home jersey was updated changing the striping a bit and going to a non-contrasting nameplate.


In 1979 when the WHA folded, the Jordantown Admirals rejoined the NHL with slightly different uniforms than those they wore in the WHA. These uniforms included the famous J-anchor as a shoulder patch. They would continue to wear these uniforms well into the 80s.


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The 90s brought several changes to the Admirals. For the 1990-91 season 100th anniversary celebration, the Admirals brought back several of their previous designs.


For the rest of the early 90s, the Admirals used a design inspired by their pre-WHA uniforms.


In 1994, the Admirals did another major redesign, including a modernization of the logo.


For the 1997-98, the Admirals added their first ever third jersey.


The previous year's third jersey became so popular that it was promoted to the full-time away jersey.


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In 2000, the Admirals retired their blue jersey and redesigned their home to match their away.


In 2002, the home and away flip-flopped like the rest of the NHL.


In 2004, the Admirals did another redesign to look like their classic pre-WHA jerseys.


The 2007 Reebok takeover led to the Admirals dropping the cuff and hem stripes, which was not a popular move.


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And last but not least, the...


Due to public outcry, the Admirals replaced the cuff and hem stripes. Rumor has it that they will be adding a third jersey for the 2014-15 season.


So there you have it. 124 years of history in one concept finishing with a classy retro-themed design incorporating different parts of a team's history.

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Hats off, sir! Everything was fantastic. I have no complaints about any of the jerseys or logos. I only wish you could have dragged this thread out longer. Will there be more teams?


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