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  1. The Winter Classic patch goes on the shoulder so he's got it right with the swords on only one side
  2. That Minnesota United third is an absolute beauty. Great series overall. Keep up the good work.
  3. Oh jeez, I knew that too. My bad. I chose the busy pattern to go with the Keep Portland Weird idea.
  4. I've been working on a project for a little while now and I figured I'd post it. Every club will get a city pride kit. I'll start off with the defending champs, the Portland Timbers. The kit reflects the "Keep Portland Weird" slogan
  5. If that's supposed to resemble the Disney Concert Hall, cool idea. If not, that is one weak ASG logo
  6. I would go with option A.The star is well incorporated. You could then use option C as the captains patch.
  7. Here are mock-ups of the jerseys with the patch Pretty decent looking match up IMO
  8. Just wanted to see what these two teams would look like for the BIg Game. Think the Skins end zone looks pretty good. C&C has been appreciated and would love some more
  9. Here's a field concept for the game
  10. Here's my idea for a Super Bowl LIII logo in Atlanta.
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