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Redditor NBA Concepts(Bucks, Hornets, Warriors,Seattle, Rockets & Kings)


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Saw this on Bleacher Report. Redditor user R_E_D_D_I_T created these logos and concepts for the Bucks, Rockets, Kings, Warriors, Hornets and a bonus for Seattle! Btw..Hornets and Bucks are my favorite. Someone FIND this guy please bring him here. (Yoda voice)








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The Hornets inside of the three point line is stupid. The Bucks logo is terrible with the different color paints inside the free throws. It's the same thing with the warriors free throw paints. However I like the Warriors logo. The Houston Rockets logo is cool and it doesn't switch paints. The one thing I would have done is the top Toyota Center woodmark should be flipped. The kings though is great!

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Rockets is great although I would've like to see the current R logo used as a secondary out on the wings instead of just blank space. The Warriors logo is nice too. It's got the bridge that also doubles as a sword and knight helmet visor. Clever.

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