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  1. I personally don't like it in either position. In both instances it looks really shoehorned into the design, especially since you only see the bottom portion of the state. I think, if you wanted to keep the state in the logo, the negative space in the "p-hole" would be a good place for it. That Memphis logo is a work of art though. Very good work there
  2. Here's my two cents on the Hawks and the Bucks: For Atlanta, I don't like how the beak is rendered. Is the white part supposed to be the hole in the beak? If so, it is far too high. If not, I'm not exactly sure what it is. Regardless, I think you would be better off making the beak that solid gold color. It would look a lot cleaner, and that little white part you have would be difficult to reproduce at smaller sizes. For Milwaukee, I can appreciate what you did (I mean, who doesn't love Bango?) but, like your Celtics logo, it's safe and not groundbreaking or creative. If you were a contestant on Chopped, the judges would say that you didn't "transform the ingredients". What you have done throughout this series and other logo rebrands you have done on this site is come up with new, innovative ideas to visually represent sports franchises. You have thrown tradition by the wayside, breathing fresh air into visual identities that have remained more or less the same for generations, but that's not the case here. What you did with the Bucks isn't what I have come to expect from you, and I look forward to your continued work on the Bucks and the rest of the NBA.
  3. Tenneronto Titanauts Cleveawa RedBrownBlacks Montredelphia Eaglouettes (I was least happy with this one) Hey those are pretty cool. I still have no idea how I'm going to make this happen because in the end I think TRoy has a point, most people won't want to see project with just the fill bucket. I think this would be an excellent place to start. I agree, people won't really want to see the Detroit Lions logo recolored and then call it a concept, but I think combining elements of each logo and uniform would be an interesting and enjoyable series
  4. Tenneronto Titanauts Cleveawa RedBrownBlacks Montredelphia Eaglouettes (I was least happy with this one)
  5. As much as I hate seeing concept threads become name-the-team spewing grounds, I suggest the Houston Cosmos.
  6. Ooh yes I do love that new primary logo, although I'm less a fan of the basketball lines on the star because 1) it unnecessarily adds another color to the palette, and 2) the star does not occupy enough space for the idea of a basketball. And I still don't like the usage of the ball logo to offset the 4th side panel star; it just doesn't flow well with the uniform. Why not get rid of the 4th star and the basketball logo and move the "hall-star" logo to the other side of the shorts? That gives you the 7-and-6 you want while maintaining symmetry in the side panels. You could spin some yarn about how the 13th star (the logo) is a reference to the Pennsylvania colony and the role it played during the American Revolution or something like that.
  7. I really like the thought of drawing on the La Brea Tar Pits for Los Angeles teams. I might have to do that in the future. Yeah I definitely fall into the city cliches as well. Boston, Washington, and Las Vegas tend to have some low-lying fruit to always reach for, as does New Orleans. As others have mentioned, bee themes work well with Salt Lake City. To make it sound better, I usually shorten it to Salt Lake instead. Also, I like giving Salt Lake City a train theme because the completion of the transcontinental railroad happened (relatively) close by. And there is a load of imagery you can draw off of with that. For Minneapolis, it always surprises me when people use that instead of Minnesota. There is this other city of 250K+ people right across the river from it and, since it houses the state's politicians, it seems they would be a little more reluctant to give money to a Minneapolis team as opposed to one for the whole state (not that they should be giving money to sports teams anyway). Yeah Louisville tends to be another "cliche city". Most of the time, it's something related to horse racing. Very true. It usually ends up being an animal related to Florida in some way. Atlanta is also a problem because it's tough to use most of its history without looking all Confederate-y. Other than that, I'm left with more general Georgia themes, like peaches and peanuts, which don't exactly strike fear into the hearts of their opponents (unless they're allergic I guess?).
  8. Hey guys, I've always been interested in doing concepts for fictional sports leagues and I have noticed that there are definitely some cities for which assigning a name can be exceedingly difficult. Like I'm sure many of you do, I try to give my team names some sort of connection with the city (historical, economical, whatever) but for some cities I have major problems. So my question for discussion is, what cities give you the most trouble when doing a fictional league? I know for me my top three are usually LA, Charlotte, and Toronto. Would love to hear what everyone else thinks on the subject!
  9. If the Blue Jackets and the Jets played each other, it would look like an intrasquad scrimmage. I may be in the minority here, but I love the second shade of blue that Winnipeg currently uses with their jerseys. I would try to integrate that into the set. Everything else I see looks good though
  10. I was wondering if you would update this Toronto Huskies logo for a concept I plan on doing. Thanks in advance!!
  11. I feel the bottom left one would work best, but I would make orange the more dominant color with the pink/magenta relegated to more of an accent.
  12. Diesels - Great idea for a team as there are a dearth of train-themed professional sports teams. I'm going with a team from Kentucky for my series, but I understand your reasoning. As for the concept, I'm not sure the basketball silhouette needs to be in the logo. In addition to the excessive number of NBA teams with basketballs in their logo, I feel it muddles the look and makes the lines on the train look awkward. Regarding the uniforms, the home looks great, but both the away and alternate do not look right; the color balance seems way off. The white and yellow tend to bleed together for me, so I think yellow and red would provide a better contrast. Clippers - The primary logo looks good except for the Los Angeles within it; it blends in with the light blue background. I would suggest removing it altogether, but if you want to keep it I would make it orange. Also, I've always felt that the cursive script and the modern-looking numerals clash. But that's just me. Lakers - This is exactly what they should be wearing. Absolutely no complaints, although you didn't make any Hardwood Classics for them or the Clippers. Grizzlies - I also considered using brown for the Grizzlies, as it obviously fits with the name and looks striking with teal or in my case light blue. However, I ultimately decided against it because of the association the Grizzlies have with Fed Ex. I'm sure Fed Ex wouldn't be too fond of a team in their namesake arena looking like a bunch of UPS guys. I realize this may seem like a trivial critique for a uniform, but I thought I should bring it to your attention. I love the Tams throwback by the way.
  13. Been following this thread from the get go but have just been sitting back and admiring your work. Admittedly, I have been working on an NBA redesign as well so I'm a little envious of how amazing yours look, but we've had some different ideas of where to go with things so it's all cool. That Pacers redesign in particular is damn sexy and nothing I would have ever thought of. Keep up the amazing work!! Coincidentally, I am expanding the NBA to 32 in my series as well because Sonics and the only question is are you going with a Kansas City team or Kentucky?
  14. I did this little mockup a while ago of that color scheme. I really like the ocean-y feel to it. It's also the colors of the US Navy flag/seal, which would be a nice alternative to the camo if they want to do a military tribute. If brown can't come back, this is a nice alternative. It unifies them with that other San Diego team as well. You could add a hint of powder blue as well to further that idea. Only as an accent though; otherwise it would look a little too much like the Rays.
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