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  1. If you used less silver and more light blue on the home and away, the striping would pop a lot more
  2. Here's an update with some white on the home and some smaller number outlines (looking back, they were HUGE). I tried adding white into the logo on the home, but honestly, nothing I did there looked good.
  3. Any comments at all?
  4. I did some more work on this recently. I didn't like that my previous font had descenders, so I switched to NW Rangers Light (thanks Conrad). I reworked some of the waves in the roundel and filled some space with the second lightning bolt in the lake logo. Oh, and I may or may not have made some uniforms to go with it: Credit to Raysox for the jersey template. This is my first foray into making hockey concepts, so I'm not extremely familiar with proper hockey uniform design other than what I have seen on the boards. Went with a pretty simple and traditional striping scheme and a sleeve patch of the alternate logo. That's all for now, would love to hear some C&C about this.
  5. I personally don't like it in either position. In both instances it looks really shoehorned into the design, especially since you only see the bottom portion of the state. I think, if you wanted to keep the state in the logo, the negative space in the "p-hole" would be a good place for it. That Memphis logo is a work of art though. Very good work there
  6. Here's my two cents on the Hawks and the Bucks: For Atlanta, I don't like how the beak is rendered. Is the white part supposed to be the hole in the beak? If so, it is far too high. If not, I'm not exactly sure what it is. Regardless, I think you would be better off making the beak that solid gold color. It would look a lot cleaner, and that little white part you have would be difficult to reproduce at smaller sizes. For Milwaukee, I can appreciate what you did (I mean, who doesn't love Bango?) but, like your Celtics logo, it's safe and not groundbreaking or creative. If you were a contestant on Chopped, the judges would say that you didn't "transform the ingredients". What you have done throughout this series and other logo rebrands you have done on this site is come up with new, innovative ideas to visually represent sports franchises. You have thrown tradition by the wayside, breathing fresh air into visual identities that have remained more or less the same for generations, but that's not the case here. What you did with the Bucks isn't what I have come to expect from you, and I look forward to your continued work on the Bucks and the rest of the NBA.
  7. I've been silently following this since it began (from its first iteration earlier this year). My only gripe is how detailed some of the crests seem. Fargo in particular utilizes lines that would be nearly impossible to reproduce on the patches used on the jersey. The lines on the dragon's head and the beveling in the Elk River script also come to mind. With those alterations in mind, this entire series has been nothing short of amazing. I look forward to what you continue to come up with and I hope some more comments can be sent along your way.
  8. Thought I would toss up my Logolympiad submissions thus far and receive some feedback on them. I haven't been able to enter as many events this year as I would like, but hopefully I can submit an entry or two for these final few events (with more success than my first two). EVENT 1: Alternate Logo For the first event, designers were tasked with designing an alternate logo which could replace the primary in some applications. I opted to design a logo for the Celtics because I felt they had a lot of original Celtic imagery that could be drawn from. My design is based upon the claddagh, a prominent symbol of Irish heritage and culture, with a basketball replacing the heart. The crown I chose was admittedly kind of plain, but it is not without its history for this franchise. I based the crown off of the one appearing in the logo Boston used during the 50s and 60s. For my effort in this logo, I received two bronze medal votes. EVENT 3: Wordmark The next event I entered, the task was to create a wordmark for a potential Los Angeles NFL team, utilizing one of three color palettes. The name I selected is a callback to a team from the All-America Football Conference that called Los Angeles home during the late 1940s. The imagery comes from the nearby La Brea Tar Pits, which are the final resting place for many prehistoric species including the mastodon (Dons being short for Mastodons). This wordmark was in all likelihood far too ambitious both for this event and for my designing abilities. Despite this, I still received a nice little triple crown of one gold, one silver, and one bronze vote for my submission. Nevertheless, I'd love to see how I can improve this with some feedback and continued work.
  9. For the white "home" jersey, are contrasting sleeves (a faux-vest) allowed?
  10. I understand that you want both the city and the team name included, but what should be the focal point of the wordmark: Los Angeles, or the team name?
  11. Excellent work as always. If anything I would suggest Montreal getting a panel cap instead of San Jose. They've done the black/blue striped jersey before and it would be a nice tie-in with the Expos.