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AAC Basketball Redesign


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I'm relatively new here and don't post very often (recently did a few cfb concepts) but I decided to tackle a new area which is the AAC basketball conference.

Now the first off, I am a big Cincinnati fan (also a student there) so I decided to design their uniforms first. I was huge fan of the Huggins era when they were with the Jordan brand so I decided to somewhat integrate that into my idea and overall thought it came out very well. Nothing too flashy with these, just a good integration of old and new.


Next up was UConn. One observation I made with them was even though I new logo was introduced, there was not a whole lot of change between 2000-Now and I wanted to keep it that way.


I will be working on more schools in the following days.

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  • I like the design for Cincy, however the "Cincinnati" wordmark needs to be a little bigger. Also, you could do a "Whiteout" alternate for the Bearcats.
  • UConn can't say much can be improved (except for the font). Otherwise, you hit the nail on the head with this one.

One more thing, is there a possibility that these uniforms get names?



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I did not think to come up with any names. Will go back and readdress that.

Next Up: Central Florida.

With these, I love the black and gold scheme that the university uses but I didn't feel the need to create an alternate on the count of the all-gold uniforms were not looking too good IMO.


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Love the sword design for the side stripes on UCF's uniform. Very clever and well done. I agree with rickyISking about the wordmark being gold on the black jersey, but the rest of the set is great.


Thanks Dolphins91 for the jersey avatars.

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