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Miami Hurricanes Fauxback Basketball Concept


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I was looking at the Canes page on the mothership, as they are my favorite team, and I came across their old script. I decided to use it on a fauxback style basketball uniform. The sweatback logo is from Ren69 and the template is from mbannon92!


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Would you mind linking to where I can get this template? Thanks. Also, Good concept, but I would change the M logo on the shorts to the U logo. As of now, there are just too many logos.

I basically copied and pasted the template into photoshop, and made it usable. I'll probably post it on deviantart soon. Also, I'll try it with just the U on the shorts

Good concept overall Griff, I'd suggest centering the number though!

With the way the script is shaped, I figured the off-center number would look better. I'll take a look at the centered number however.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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