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  1. According to Iowa's brand standards manual, only the black version of the logo can be used with a light background. I'm guessing they consider green a light background.
  2. I doubt the 49ers changed the striping because of Nike. Nike doesn't have a problem with the Bears having three stripes on their jerseys.
  3. I hate the new paint they're using on fields. The paint isn't thick enough. The green always shows. It doesn't matter if it's grass or an artificial surface.
  4. I don't think that's Wisconsin's new wordmark. It looks like it's just a block font.
  5. When US Soccer created the new font didn't they show 2 or 3 different number sets they could use?
  6. I believe I read that Bauer and Easton are owned by the same parent company. The parent company made the decision that Easton would stop making hockey equipment. I'm guessing Easton's hockey division will merge with Bauer and Bauer will take over endorsement deals Easton had with players.
  7. SLU is going to scrap the new Billiken mascot and redesign it again due negative response. Apparently they're not redesigning the logo though.
  8. I meant it appears to be metallic gold, not athletic gold, between the number and the outline.
  9. I noticed that Brazil has gold in between their numbers and the green outline. Has their numbers always been like that or is it something they did for the Olympics?
  10. I'm hoping the change they're making to the Grey Ghost uniforms to change the striping on the helmet, jersey and pants to navy/orange/navy. This would fix the striping inconsistencies, allow them to wear the grey jerseys and pants with other color and give them more uniform combinations to choose from. I know most on here wouldn't be a fan of that, but I think it does at least help a little with recruiting.
  11. The Grey Ghost uniform will be worn this year. However, it won't be the same uniform worn the past two years. There is going to be some slight changes to it for this season.
  12. It's royal blue. The sleeves are blue and white stripes. The white makes the blue look lighter than it really is.
  13. I never understood why EA included Switzerland's Nike jerseys, including Swooshes, but made generic jerseys for every other country.
  14. Doesn't Nike make a white ball and a yellow or orange high visibility ball for each league? This could just be the high visibility ball.
  15. I don't know if it's the type of paint they use now or they just don't want to take the time to do 2 or 3 coats, but all teams that paint their endzones a dark color has this problem. It's been a problem with Carolina's endzones for years. They have lots of green showing. I wish they would go back to using paint brushes and rollers to paint the endzones. I think it looks much better than the sprayers they use now.