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  1. Only because I have them already done and I haven't had time to get to the newly requested teams, I'll post Oakland. OAKLAND GOLDEN GRIZZLIES DESIGN: -Inspiration comes from the basketball uniforms -Stripe on helmet and pants are slim and the stripes on the sleeve caps cover the caps HELMETS: -Gold satin and matte black helmet -Large grizzly logo -Michigan state outline on the back. Just like on the court JERSEYS: -Stripes on sleeve cap -Font is the official school's athletic font found on their basketball jerseys PANTS: -Gold, black, and white pants -Stripe on each pants
  2. How's this: ' I recolored the logo because the black in the logo was way too out of place and the black looked out of place putting it on the uniform in between the stripes and as an outline.
  3. BOSTON UNIVERSITY TERRIERS DESIGN: -Double stripe comes from the hockey pants -Tried to include some Boston inspiration in the stripe. But I couldn't find anything that worked. I put the tree from the New England flag on the bottom of the stripe but it looked too much like Stanford. HELMET: -Red and white satin helmet -Double stripe and BU logo on both -Massachusetts state and USA flag on back JERSEY: -Double stripe on shoulders -Font similar to the hockey ones PANTS: -White and red pants -Double stripe on both On the real template, there is no collar color because the template does not have a color to put on and using the paint tool or the magnetic lasso tool doesn't work but I still think it gets the point across.
  4. Ok because I liked the GCU black uniform so much I got a different real life template to put it on and here's how it turned out. I know the Nike uniform is the Mach Speed template while the flat one I'm using is the Untouchable template but I think it still looks well. If you guys like this I think I'll continue using it on some Nike teams in the future.
  5. Wow thanks for posting this. If I had seen this before maybe I'd have had a different uniform. But it looks like most of their pants stripes are what I have now. Thanks!
  6. Alright I'm going to take a little break from the WAC because I have tried to come up with ideas fro CSU Bakersfield but my creativity hasn't come up with anything yet. However I want to post more concepts so I'll post the one requested team I have had done for awhile. PACIFIC TIGERS DESIGN: -Wanted a traditional design for this team. I knew they used to have a football team but I couldn't find any pictures of what the uniforms looked like so I went with this -The stripes/claw marks in the stripe come from the school's wordmark HELMET -Glossy orange and black helmets -Stripe on each helmet JERSEY: -Stripe on the sleeve caps -Number font that resembles the wordmark PANTS: -Black, orange, and white pants -Stripe on each Thanks for looking guys and as always C&C is greatly appreciated!
  7. I will definitely add them to the list. Yeah I noticed the outlines were a little too thick as well, right after I posted the pictures. My thought was to add more gold to the uniforms. I'm glad a student there likes the concept!
  8. Here's the black pants: And, just because I was curious, I wanted to see what a BFBS uniform would look like. Then I wanted to see what it would look like without white outlines. I gotta say, for a BFBS uniform this is not as bad as I thought it would look. Thanks for the request!
  9. Thanks for all the commens guys I really appreciate it. I'm glad you guys like GCU so much. Now is UVU. UTAH VALLEY UNIVERSITY WOLVERINES DESIGN: -The school has eliminated all traces of gold and replaced it with black. So I re-added it to the color scheme for more color and to differentiate them from Chicago State. -Stripe design stands for a V for "Valley" and a W for "Wolverines". I tried to add a U but the curviness or blockiness of the letter didn't fit with the sharp shape. HELMET: -Green and white glossy helmets -Stripe on each helmet and the USA flag and the U/Utah state shape logo on the back. JERSEY: -Stripe on sleeve caps -Chest and number text are the official school fonts (page 18). PANTS: -Green, gold, and white pants -Big logo on the side. Just like other Adidas teams
  10. Thanks ODUmonarchs for commenting. Hopefully I can get more feedback on UVU but for now I'll post Grand Canyon. GRAND CANYON ANTELOPES I usually hate gradients in sports but what Arizona did this year with their football and basketball uniforms, I think in moderation it looks well for a certain school. This school was one of the few I think could pull it off. Especially looking for a unique identity I hate their new redesign of logos that are just straight rip offs of TCU. That's why I went back to their old logos and old font It was unique to the school and it just looked better. I just removed the design on the bottom of the stomach of the antelope. DESIGN: -Purple gradient of the Grand Canyon on sleeves. Purple gradient stripe -Inspired by Arizona's new uniforms and mgdmhl's basketball court concept for GCU -Wanted more brighter colors in the color scheme so I added bright purple/pink to the gradient HELMET: -Glossy purple and white helmet -Gradient stripe on each -Oversised antelope on each side of each helmet -Gradient logo and facemask on white helmet JERSEYS: -Gradient Grand Canyon on sleeves -'Lopes on home jersey, Canyon on away jersey -Number font that resembles the school fonts PANTS: -Purple and white pants -Gradient stripe on each Thanks for looking guys and as always C&C is greatly appreciated
  11. I have Utah Valley almost done but I need some help figuring out what color facemask I should use. The options are below: For perspective, white is used more than gold in the uniforms. Gold is used as outlines to the number, chest text, and striping. I have green, gold, and white pants to accompany the jerseys and helmets. Knowing you guys, you'll help me come up with the best option. Thanks guys!
  12. Thanks for noticing that. I originally had a black outline on it that was pretty big and I just forgot to move it up.
  13. CHICAGO STATE COUGARS DESIGN: -My own twist on the Chicago flag -Tapered the colored stripes for a sharp effect. Like a Cougar's claw or teeth HELMET: -Green satin and black matte helmet -Chicago flag stripe on each helmet -USA Flag and Chicago flag on back JERSEY: -Chicago flag stripe on sleeve caps -Sleeve caps are white on all jerseys. The outer part of the flag is white and I wanted to recreate that. I tried to taper the outer white stripes but it was too thick and look cluttered -Number and chest font that was sharp but classic -No outline on the away jersey numbers. It was too hard to see with a black outline PANTS: -Black, white, and green pants -Chicago flag stripe on each Oh how I miss seeing the WAC on a football jersey. Thanks for looking guys and as always C&C is appreciated
  14. This definitely looks better
  15. All these are fantastic. Being from Indy and being a Butler fan, it's kind of hard to see a concept for Butler that is out there and not classic but this is amazing and beyond anything I would've expected. And then Florida St? Oh my goodness that is a beauty. Can't wait to see more