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  1. VERMONT CATAMOUNTS A combination of eras here for the Catamounts. DESIGN: -Northwestern stripe colors from the 1974 jerseys and socks -White colored numbers from 1962 and number font from the 1971-1972 jerseys -Stripe on shoulders from the 1974 jerseys. HELMET: -Green and gold matte helmets -Gray facemask, just like the old helmets JERSEY: -Stripe on shoulders -Old number font -Recolored roundel logo on the left side of the jersey PANTS: -Gold, green, and white pants -Stripe on each Thanks for looking guys and as always C&C is greatly appreciated
  2. IONA GAELS DESIGN: -Besides the script and the shield, they don't really have a true logo since their re-design. I was going to use the leprechaun head but that didn't fit with the new brand. -Took the cross from the shield, elongated the bottom and used it as the new logo. I thought what this school would look like if they'd have a football team for forever and I thought they'd have a recognizable, minimalistic, classic helmet. Kind of like how Notre Dame and Boston College have plain helmets, another Catholic school could just have a cross. -Stripe on helmet and jersey is a Celtic pattern HELMET: -Satin maroon and glossy helmet -Thick stripe -Cross and script on each helmet JERSEY: -Stripe on shoulder cap -Number font from the basketball uniforms PANTS: -Gold, maroon, and white pants -Cross logo on each
  3. That Magic jersey is one of the best I've seen. Yeah it could be interpenetrated as kind of plain, but I think it's one of your best yet. And the new script is 10x better than what they have now or ever have. You said the Kings wasn't very creative, but I think it is creative. It's a classic jersey for a classic team and the crown on the shorts is a great touch.
  4. All these look amazing and definite upgrades. I think the Northmen have been the best yet. I actually like the scarf in the 2nd version of the Aviators but if you come up with something else it'll be good too.
  5. Yep that's it. Thank you!
  6. Does anyone know what font Iona uses for their numbers? I know I've seen it somewhere before but I can't remember the name. Thanks!
  7. So I thinned out the outline and added realistic templates to FGCU
  8. Do you think the same number font with a thinner outline would work or just a different font in general?
  9. That's what I thought at first too but then I realized if one team can pull of a shield as their logo it might as well be a team with a name that pretty much means a soldier.
  10. YES! I loved the Kobe era courts too and really missed how the paint extended onto the baseline. The actual Lakers font is great compared to the old block font. Great job!
  11. FLORIDA GULF COAST EAGLES So their basketball team uses colors that are different to the official school colors. I used the blue from the basketball team but the sea-foam green from the school's branding. DESIGN: -The stripes mimic waves and the curves in the Eagle's head feathers HELMETS: -Blue, sea-foam, and white glossy helmets -Stripe on each -Facemask color an blue and sea-foam helmets change from white to color of other dark jersey. -Florida and USA flag on each JERSEYS: -White sleeve cap on all jerseys with stripe on the cap -Edited the FGCU text so make it a little less at an angle PANTS: -Blue, white, and sea-foam pants -Stripes on each Thanks for looking guys and C&C is greatly appreciated
  12. Oh yeah now that I zoomed in all the way, I can see the pattern. But yeah I agree, I wish they were easier to make out.
  13. How's this for Cleveland State?
  14. I like the UAB uniforms but to a point. They're definitely not over designed but they might be a little under designed. The best word I can use for them is clean. If they had like a dragon's scale pattern on the sleeves then it'd be good. And tv numbers, those jerseys need tv numbers. Hopefully they bring back this helmet because it's awesome and unique
  15. Wow those logos are great. The updates on both the Bucks logos are small but make both way better. And the does throwback logo is superb. I do agree with Dan O'Mac though about the top of the doe's head on the new logo. I just looked up does on google and the top of their head is either flat or has a little bit of a curve. Maybe that could help?