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  1. NBA Football

    Here's the next team, the Chicago Bulls CHICAGO BULLS DESIGN: -Stripe design from the shorts and jersey cuffs -Diamond design from shorts onto the sleeve cap. I had to adjust the size and shape a little bit HELMET: -Normal glossy red helmet -The logo was an issue for me with it being a majority red logo on a red helmet. I tried a white outline but the horns got lost. -Red stripe design JERSEYS: -Diamond pattern on sleeve caps -No wordmark. Another classic design that I felt did not need one PANTS: -Red, white, and black pants. -All interchangeable but the black pants are primarily for the black jersey
  2. NBA Football

    Here's pants with a thinner stripe Here's teal pants I never thought of the UCLA stripes but here they are:
  3. NBA Football

    Seeing as I want to get a team up everyday and I have my only free time of the day right now, I'll upload Charlotte CHARLOTTE HORNETS DESIGN: -Took the stripes and placed them horizontally on the sleeve cap -Stripes only on the left side. Like the real jerseys -Jordan logo, not Nike. Though if Michigan, North Carolina, and soon to be Oklahoma could have it for football, why not here HELMET: -Didn't know which logo to use but then I realized they used the flying hornet on the shorts, so I used that -Glossy teal helmet JERSEY: -Horizontal stripes, left side only -"HORNETS" on both home and away jersey, like the real ones -"CHARLOTTE" on the purple jersey, like the real one -Flying hornet on the right side PANTS: -White, teal, and purple pants -Again, stripe on left side, hornet would be on the right side THROWBACK -Based this one off the one just released (thicker and less pinstripes) -Pinstripes on just the jersey, like the real ones -Glossy teal helmet, white facemask -Hugo without a ball as the logos -White pants. I thought an all teal look would be too much Thanks guys for looking and as always C&C is greatly appreciated
  4. NBA Football

    Alright so I guess I'll move onto the next team, the Nets BROOKLYN NETS DESIGN: -The most boring team gets even more boring being on a football uniform -Chevron stripe is the only element on the jersey HELMET: -Glossy black helmet with a white facemask -Shield logo (I had trouble deciding which logo but the shield with "NETS" reminded me of the Jets helmet logo) JERSEY: -"BROOKLYN" on the front of both jerseys -Only design is the collar and cuff being colored PANTS: -White and black with the stripe STATEMENT -Black helmet, anthracite facemask -Anthracite uniform -3 Stars on the inside of the stripe -BKLYN on the front Thanks for looking guys and the Charlotte Hornets are up next.
  5. NBA Football

    Ok yeah that makes sense. It would be very interesting to see how they'd look for sure.
  6. NBA Football

    Thanks I appreciate it. And I'm a little confused on what you mean by adding the brown from the basketball onto the jerseys? And I never thought of doing throwback leather helmets but with old teams like the Celtics, Knicks, Lakers, or 76ers maybe that's something I'll look into too. It would be really interesting.
  7. NBA Football

    Like this?
  8. NBA Football

    Here's how the green facemask would look: Even though a gray facemask captures the old school feel I was looking for, I got to say I kinda love the green facemask
  9. NBA Football

    Here's an update to Atlanta. I like the no stripe green outline on the logo suggestions Danny the Sheeb had
  10. NBA Football

    Ok the images should be up now. Thanks Djruggs for suggesting imgur
  11. NBA Football

    Yeah something's up. I am trying to fix it.
  12. NBA Football

    And here is a more traditional team, the Boston Celtics BOSTON CELTICS DESIGN: -Classic double stripe all around the uniform. HELMET: -White helmet with a gray facemask -Shamrock on the helmet (I thought it could be iconic like the Dallas Cowboys star) -Double stripe JERSEY: -UCLA stripes -No name on the front, just a classic looking jersey PANTS: -Double stripe on the pants -Green and white pants. White are the primary pants with green being mixed in here and there. ALTERNATE -Recreated the black statement uniform -Black helmet. A white helmet with a black shamrock didn't look good at all. Neither a green shamrock with a black outline -Metallic green logo and green facemask -Basically the white jersey but replace the white with black. Thanks for looking guys and C&C is greatly appreciated.
  13. NBA Football

    Here's the helmet with a volt outline: About Color Rush, I'm not a big fan of the Color Rush uniforms so I have not made those uniforms here. But some combinations might turn into a Color Rush combo.
  14. NBA Football

    Yeah I have 3 teams that have oversized logos and it was just coincidence that the first 2 teams had oversize logos. Thanks for the reminder though.
  15. NBA Football

    The reason I didn't have a white logo was because there's no white on the uniforms but here it is with the white logo and facemask. I also eliminated the helmet stripe because it stood out too much. Oh and thanks about the throwback. I'm really glad they turned out good. I don't like the volt color either but that's what they have in their real uniforms.And I agree, I don't like the real uniforms either. And here is the helmet without the stripe