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  1. I'd go further and add the same 3 stars pattern on shoulders.
  2. YOU NAILED IT! hats off
  3. I would reverse white and yellow on the home. Would love to see the result
  4. Merveilleux.;-)
  5. May be I'm picky The white lines on you PHI concepts are too thin IMHO. They'd not show on TV at least. I'd make hem thicker but not too much. Name in white letters instead of black on the orange maybe.
  6. All this is very nice. Its sad the current NHL minds prefer faux retro conservative à la Carolina and TB My favs, Cal, Edm, Col, Kings. My eyes are seeing something maybe off in FLA, NYI and MTL. The MTL case will always be a ruff one to do concepts. Congrats
  7. There the blandest bland you could imagine. Instead of changing at least colors, they went worse then previous unis. You watch TB visiting Carolina, and it looks right like playing NHL95.
  8. IMHO, Carolina should be 35th on the list.
  9. lol Chefs is Chiefs in french. Its all OK lite that :-)
  10. Can't wait to watch Quebec visiting Victoriaville...
  11. IMHO, downgrade and bad move. They are now Qc Rempars lookalikes
  12. Haa, Is it tribute to the Quakers? I mean, whats the link with this fantastic franchise history? Shoulder patches?
  13. Left, super nice. SImple, great.
  14. If I'm not wrong, the 3D L was in fact the logo of the city of Laval. For which reason they used it on the teams jersey I dont know. But I'm not 100% sure it was the city logo.
  15. Lol Ya but last nite, they went back to silver helmets...