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  1. Hartford Whalers Concept Logo

    Theres a Whale tail in the hat. Well well thought!
  2. Hartford Whalers Concept Logo

    I'm in the minority :-) Yeah, sometimes, adding more colors to add contrast doesnt fit. I'd say its fine like it is.
  3. The logo is awesome, I wanted to say I'm not sure its balanced. I'd make the crown say 15% smaller, to emphasize a bit more on the letterQ. I understand we'd see more of the queen's hair. One way or the other, its awesome. Was also wondering if more white (like the eye)was in order, but in the end, no. Its fine like that.
  4. Salem Witches (Womens Hockey Concept Logo)

    Please uniforms? I'd love to see what you have in mind.
  5. Yes I understand, and I mean, it works anyways. I agree blue would not work and was aware of the New England flag. All fine, that badge is way way way better then what they got.
  6. Logo is fantastic. The whole exercice is graphically awesome. The problem for me is it doesnt fit the name "Revolution". We all understand its historical roots to independance, Boston etc.. I mean, lots of respect for your talent. IMHO, we are too far away from the USA flag colors. Sorry, I like to say what I think, not make cute comments for making cute comments.
  7. Quebec Nordiques Concept Logo (Update With New Logo)

    Its very nice artwork. For some reason, I keep seeing a flower. But its fine and nice work. Would probably fit 100%something else then an NHL team.
  8. Quebec Nordiques Concept Logo (Update With New Logo)

    Again bravo. Dont know if what I just heard at a Qu├ębec city radio is true, but seems something very big to be announced next week. ???

    That Houston helmetis just delicious to watch.
  10. Quebec Nordiques Concept Logo (Update With New Logo)

    Yes, yes. Like it. some rework on stripes could improve but I mean, one of the very good nordiques concept I saw, very original. Congrats. You could even try a "ice blocs" styling instead of stripes. Why not? Big ice blocks instead of stripes. "Out of the box" Cheers
  11. Quebec Nordiques Concept Logo (Update With New Logo)

    Fun concept thanks. I'd use light blue instead of red on the igloo and would use a darker blue for the rest of the logo. It would stand out great
  12. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    You're right they are not alone. They look good, I like em. Its just a "surprise" in the sense it comes from nowhere from them.
  13. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    Not sayin the Dynamo jersey is a Bordeaux copy, but a little more originality would've been welcome. That said, Houston jersey will look great, theres motion in them. I like them, will look great on the field I'm fine with the tones of orange.
  14. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    Agreeing entirely. They make the logo totally classy now. Like, no need to mention the name, the logo's enough. Well done.