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  1. bleuet

    Winnipeg Jets Unveil New Alternate Uniform

    I know, my goal was to compare the new third with this one in the sense, lots of similarities. The new Jets third is simply awesome IMHO.
  2. bleuet

    2018 CFL Uniforms

    I feel I'm in rollercoaster, I'm feeling dizzy
  3. bleuet

    Carolina Hurricanes Ask Fans For Help With New Logo

    One of the best logo NHL ever had (I mean the green/blue logo)
  4. Wa ya know, at least, its not Miami United.
  5. bleuet

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    thats gooooood stuff
  6. bleuet

    Favorite jersey number?

    2 Ya 2.
  7. bleuet

    2018 CFL Uniforms

    Terrible.What are they thinkin?
  8. Your serie make us think the MLB designers often make lame products. I mean, I'd like to see more logos on jerseys "à la 70's expos" Too many woodmark, too many teams putting city name on road, why not put Padres or Astros on a road jersey. Heck, what's wrong putting Milwaukee on a home jersey? I'd be fun, much better than funky graphics in numbers, socks etc, they seem not to know where is a balance between evolution and tradition. More logos on the front of jerseys would add diversity and make everybody not look similar.
  9. bleuet

    2018 NFL Redesigns (19/32)

    In most cases, you nailed it IMHO. As a CFL fan, I can say that the funky pants stripes arent popular. Its kinda fun for a game or two but rapidly bring the whole uniform to a less professional look. But your work is very interesting, a perfect balance between classic look in a modern era. I love and dig Pats, 49ers, Rams, Raiders, Panthers, Bills. Also, I think Houston wearing big stars is a bit too much Dallas look alike, but its onlya personnal opinion. Good good stuff!
  10. bleuet

    Top 5 Uniforms in NFL

    1. Steelers 2. Packers 3. Raiders 4. Bears 5. Eagles Ya I know I'm kinda old school
  11. bleuet

    2018 CFL Uniforms

    The geek in me would prefer 1974
  12. bleuet

    2018 CFL Uniforms

    Ya, original est red and green but it wouldnt work. fine with me. They could make the eye blue and would hve been better
  13. bleuet

    2018 CFL Uniforms

    If you watch Ott vs Calgary right now, they are so much lookalike, same patterns, same colors, not fun, not original.