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  1. Yes fine, did not know about the flag and fort. Keep it up.
  2. This logo idea is great Grey instead of blue. The center shape 4 points, I would replace by a 3 points star for 3 rivers.
  3. I love those colors.
  4. At least, they didnt make the "Desert Knights" error.
  5. Its sad, its over, best laugh since a long time!
  6. Tell me its a comedy show
  7. What were you expecting guys?
  8. "Dick, can ya bring me home after this football team name is announced, my car is at garage" "What? Its not an football team?"
  9. Yes, this league needs more orange.
  10. You got it man, Had the same idea..
  11. Ya, I mean, its... original Gotta love NHL unveilings LOL
  12. left, left, right
  13. Gee its fun we have the live feed
  14. Would'n it be fun the leaked thing (which seems popular here) is finally a false and we end up with a sort of dull lame animal thingalogo! LOL! And then we'd all say BOOOO