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  1. I see a wheel,, cant get that wheel off my mind.
  2. Sorry if white and black, but Sask looked awesome 1980
  3. So classy, dunno why they dont take the step. Instant winner, would be so popular, Grey cup champs unis.
  4. Anyways, the CFL been a quite old league, I simply dont understand why they dont stick to their heritage. All teams should wear unis à la 70s as those were the best. This years BC Lions are a atrocity, MTL extanding the use of their current with white helmets is fine but definitely, they are up for a change, ask SAKS fans what they'd lile.. TOR is OK, etc. Twitter things on OTT pants are terrible idea. Etc, so many things to do to get things right.
  5. Those Bombers are classics.
  6. Cool dude
  7. Ughh. I feel so sad for Brodeur.
  8. You're not paranoid. And its no flashbacks. Its call the "collar syndrome", the size of the collar distracts your mind from the rest..
  9. Wanna see NJ and NASH white...
  10. I'm trying hard to figure out how the NASH away will look, and I'm not sure it'll be better
  11. Biggest star: LV Overhaul: COL MIN So close so far: BOS (home black socks?) CAR (flags?) Missed opportunity: CAL OTT TB BUF WAS What were they thinking?: NASH NJ EDM COLLARS
  12. They wont show on TV. I dunno, you do it or not.
  13. The Prize for worst collars goes to: EX EQUO MTL AND TOR
  14. Collar "à la 5 boroughs"
  15. On the other hand, because there is positive, I think Caroline really stepped up, Colorado back to greatness, LV : I love the colors very innovative We know BOSTON numbers and letters lot more legible. Its no catastrophy, just a couple really left behind
  16. A multi stanley cup winner team getting the Carolina treatment They cant refrain from making mistakes
  17. Come on, could hve been worse They could be wearing white pants.. ............ maybe its gonna HAPPEN?
  19. If real Quick'n'dirty comments - MTL copying FLA (Tssssss) CAR improvement (well, was impossible to make worst) NJ (????? who had the idea) MIN doing same mistake FLA did (modern logo on vintage jersey) LV couldnt keep from using the Yotes template BIGGEST LOSER IS................... EDMONTON
  20. Only a couple hours before... Oilers fans pissed, Senators stay in Rome etc etc etc BE READY FOR LAME FESTIVAL
  21. Legit ?
  22. kiwi, the place is right here, the show is here, really, you'll remember this evening... lots of laughs to come
  23. On NHL payper view, its 40$ per team lol
  24. Bleuets takes STL: Wo wa, ah, well, thazit? White numbers? Rest is okay 7/10 NASH: those are practice jerseys? 4/10