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  1. Yes Halifax Mooseheads counts, and good taste.
  2. Thought you'd like to see this. A local brewery becoming official partner with the Sagueneens, known for their classic look. A fun idea, which will certainly be very popular here
  3. Yeah its the name of the Saguenay area citizens. Like a Vermonter is a Vermont resident. Boy, trying to figure out what a translation machine would say.. Cheers.
  4. It want that bad for a april 1st thing. Once removes the VEGAS wording..
  5. This league and its pseudo marketing crew would never let this happen before the official unveil. Not sure we should make any conclusions. At the same time, its very NHL: fresh expansion franchise, modern logo on a old style jersey.
  6. The problem I got with using the FDL as front logo on jerseys is its sort of, too generic, or too general. In Canada, its the symbol of french canadians, more a national symbol then a hockey team logo. Its the symbol of the Quebec government. It would be Like, the Capitals wearing only a big white star on a blue jersey at home. Its too simple or not enough distinctive. I dont know, for me, their places is on the shoulders.
  7. Top been 1970,80 Second 1990 2000,s Last, 95's Nords You know what Goth? I think you're right. Good shot.
  8. With respect Goth and other friends here, I think your making a analysis based only on graphics or the strick look of a logo. My approach on the Nords 2.0 and Jets 2.0 is not solely based on graphics impression, its widen to history, the fact theres been a team sporting the same name 10 or 20 years ago, and that you cannot understand what both Winnipeg and Qc city memories or feelings are. Of course, a entirely new franchise, say a new team in Portland WA, would not chose a 70's graphic era logo. It would make non sense Why did the new NFL Browns used the exact same names, colors, unis then the previous one? To link the new edition to the old. Winnipeg new team was to ne name Manitoba Polar Bears rumours said for long (which did not made consensus) and they finally made the right move, Winnipeg Jets of course. I think the original roundel would've been a great logo, event on the current unis they chose, which is very 70 80. Anyways, my 2 cents, my opinion does not rely only on graphic, its based on a balanced mix of estetic and history. Interesting discussion like always, and sorry if a bit out of topic.
  9. The igloo, created by a 17 year boy, in a design contest 1972.. Not an easy task to explain the matter. Majority of locals, I'd say, want it back, in fact, want the 1995 unis back. The igloo does reminds of terribles seasons, but also, greatest seasons, as well the Stastny's era, the fantastic battle against Montreal, I mean, the 29 pts Nords played full crowd 1989, I was there. Go figure? Theres so many people outside Canada who wants it back so bad, I'd say Qcor would do a good move taking it back as it was. Ask many Jets fan what they'd prefer? I think majority wanted the great Jets roundel back. My bet is a new uniform with the exact same logo.
  10. I would have done this, using a third with the 50's leaf.
  11. Yankees, Red Sox, 1970's Oakland, 1970's Brewers, Cubs, all greatness.
  12. well, for me this was the best MLB unform. Maybe because I started watch baseball in 1978..
  13. I agree with you entirely. I'd put only TORONTO in the leaf on the road jersey, and nothing in the leaf at home. Yes, nothing.
  14. Ya I know I thought the pic was fun.
  15. You mean Instead of Such a beauty, elegant, classy, tough. Those were the Bruins.
  16. AB SO LU TE LY
  17. WELL SURE lol. :-)
  18. See Boston is a interesting example. By far the 1982 is better IMHO.
  19. The O vs the roman guy I think the O screams hockey, while beeing the one and only pro sports team I think using this as a logo. Players looks bold, unique, agressive even sort of phantomatic with the O, they look like anybody else with the 3D roman guy. Its popular in Ottawa, its Stanley cup's reference, its unique, and heck, the Ottawa 67's junior team used the O for decades. The roman guy for me a like, well, not the best. In fact, many of the senators at the house of commons sleeps in sessions. Its Rome. I dunno, never light interest for me. My 2 cents is theres a battle between the league offices and Ottawa to go to O.
  20. Current Stars are just awesome, logo, jersey, fonts, excellent. Its a matter of balance. They will put the very modern (and ugly) Hurricanes logo on a old school jersey theme and say its fine. Same goes for the Toronto Bay Lightning current unis. Why you'll ask? To make people believe those teams have history? Carolina won the Stanley cup with their first look that was hundreds of thousands miles ahead better than their Team Canada look. What did they have in their minds? The previous jersey was G O R G E O U S, it had a IDENTITY and changed them for chineese counterfied lookings. Sometime, change is not a good idea. If you want to do it, do it for the good reason not for $$$ motivation. No I'm not a old school biaised person, to the very contrary, but I just dont see any coordination between most of what the NHL design team does. But its the NHL, the cheapest looking pro league in America.
  21. Truth is the teams owners cannot act by themselves and let those so called image makers from ReeDidas or whatever decide for them and I'd say the vast majority of those designers probably never saw a hockey game once in their life. The Edge move, the Leafs jerseys with no stripes on bottom, the horrible edge Oilers jerseys, one can say they've done everything they could to ruin this sport, fact is the players kept the sports growing, not the designers. They live in a place where "ice" hockey as they say of 5th or 6th, now probably behind MLS, car racing tractor pulling, and those individuals pretend knowing how to give an identity to teams of the best hockey league of the world? Coming animals themed logos heck tropical themes like "Panthers" gee listen, would "Blue Jackets" be cool for a ice hockey team? What about "Predators" Come on, get on earth. Hockey is a very old sport, which deserves better then most of designs I saw from the NHL, which does everything to get the very last dollar you got in your pockets, third uniforms, Winter series uniforms, horrible jerseys. Compare all you saw coming from MLB to the last 15 years of new things from the NHL, and that one look like a crap cheap circus full of chinese stuff. Exception being Dallas Stars current setup, this league looks like its taking the fans for idiots. Last time I bought a NHL jersey was 1982, and since then, probably got 10 or 15 NFL and MLB things in the closet...
  22. Very true there's stricly nothing left, no dust, no smallest memories of the Rockies in NJ. If I can add something. To introduce third of special uniforms for the original 6, or even original 12 is something, but to impose those new looks, alternante logos etc.. to newest franchise, I mean, many teams struggle to get an identity and they rush designs to add confusion. I'm OK with third uniforms, but alternate logos? For the Avalanche? For Columbus? Nashville? What about getting their identity strong before?
  23. Fine. I knew the roman thing, I meant there was no link between this and Ottawa. Cheers.
  24. Yeah, its the NJ Devils heritage you mean... Clowns party me say.
  25. So canadian...