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  1. The Creamers & The Concepts Hall of Fame

    If we are taking suggestions, why not make a few subforums for Concepts. Logos Concept Series Other That may help in cleaning/organizing up the clutter. A mod on duty would be great.
  2. Nike Hypercool Football Template Release

  3. Minor league team from the 40's. D on the star.
  4. New Vikings Uniforms

    Nike got this one right. It all works.
  5. The America League

    One of the more difficult things about doing these leagues from scratch, at least for me, is color redundancy. You have done a masterful job of avoiding it. One thing I would love to see would be retro looks. I can wait a couple of years!
  6. The America League

    Amazing detail and research. I'm really partial to the Texas looks. I like how you fused Dallas FC with the Texans Toro. That's a really nice crest for Dallas.
  7. Unpopular Opinions

    The Texans should have just become the Toros since they chose to put one on their helmet. The primary doesn't scream Texans. It screams Bull. Interesting that the mascot is named Toro. Toros was one of the final five choices in a fan poll. Unpopular, but true.
  8. Unpopular Opinions

    Redundant primary logo patches on the sleeves of NFL jerseys.
  9. 3D Rendered Helmet Tutorial

    Sweet. Awesome.